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The Democrats’ Endless Coronavirus Hypocrisies

A friend’s Facebook feed revealed to him that Denver’s Democrat mayor, Michael Hancock, felt entitled to break his own coronavirus sanctions against traveling for Thanksgiving and jet out to Mississippi. On an entirely unrepentant Facebook thread, he noted that “my wife and my daughter have been in Mississippi, where my daughter recently took a job…I decided that it would be safer to see them than to have two family members travel back to Denver.”

Did that sound apologetic? In his concluding remarks, the mayor emoted that he “made my decision as a husband and a father.” As if no one else planning Thanksgiving thinks of family members. In the latest of a string of endless examples, the ruling elites feel above the law (often their own law) while feeble-minded sheeple cower in fear, alone during the season of gatherings.

Perplexity, perturbations, and outrage will emerge on the right, but there will be silence from the left (Democrat Party, legacy media, and Democrat voters). Many questions are rightfully being asked. How could he? Isn’t that hypocritical? Why him but not me? These are all valid questions, but there is only one worth exploring.

Who is surprised at this point?

The political chicanery that has emerged from the very real, but predominantly flaccid Wuhan Virus has taken double standards and hypocrisy to a whole new level, primarily from the same people that shame normal Americans for thinking clearly and acting rationally. There is no shortage of examples of the left’s endless display of the age old mantra of “rules for thee but not for me.”

By April, several states’ residents had imposed upon them stentorian measures to prevent the exaggerated spread of the virus. By early May, half of the states were subjected to anti-lockdown protests. The Wikipedia page for the anti lockdown protests makes sure to note that they were “unsafe and ill-advised” since public gatherings are known to spread coronavirus. Conversely, the page for the George Floyd riots, which drew millions more people for weeks on end, received nary a mention other than the innocuous phrase: “The protests have been ongoing during the COVID-19 pandemic.” This ostensible one-sidedness served as a harbinger of what was to come, at least to those willing to admit the legacy media is awash in partisan behaviors.

The real ire of Americans should be focused on people like Mayor Hancock.

Michigan had a highly publicized protest this past April 15th which energized thousands of regular folks tired of being forced to stay in their homes. Over Memorial Day, while Michiganders were still being told to not travel within the state lest they bring the virus with them to their second home, the nation learned about the Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s husband asking to move to the front of the line to get his boat out in time for some water recreation at a lake house over 150 miles away from the state capitol.

While Whitmer was attempting to violate her own in-state orders in Michigan, her Democrat colleague in Illinois, Governor JB Pritzker, was flying family members to Florida (among other places) during his statewide travel impositions. In response, the governor asked Republicans and the media to play nice because the rightfully ruffled feathers of many lockdown opponents “were putting my children and family in danger.”

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There could also be no mention of hypocrisy without bringing in the hydroxychloroquine debate. After President Trump announced in March that the drug was both cheap and effective, the media and Democrats immediately denounced him as practicing witchcraft. They even accused him of being responsible for a wife’s murder of her husband because the drug she used had a few of the same letters. In the midst of the HCQ non issue, Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar quietly allowed her husband to be treated with the drug. She even admitted it saved his life. Nevertheless, the pundits in the media (who went to school for journalism and not medicine) lambasted anyone daring to suggest its effectiveness.

There are then the flagrant abuses of position by Representative Nancy Pelosi and repeated hypocritical actions of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. They’ve been recounted innumerable times already, but suffice to say both had visits to hair salons during mandatory hair salon shutdowns, and Lightfoot even enjoyed a street party unmasked even though she condemned Chicagoans to their homes at the risk of spreading the virus.

The infuriating and mentally unimpressive California governor Gavin Newsom has clobbered his state with some of the most repressive policies since the outbreak began. Nevertheless, he was seen dining at a posh restaurant with twelve guests. None were witnessed to be putting on masks in between bites.

No one on the right should be surprised at this point, and it is obvious that no one on the left cares. Indeed, there should be less anger directed at the elitist pols who continually act predictably disingenuously and more anger directed at the stupid and clueless voting population that enable this behavior to go unchecked.

As one holiday weekend begets another in the coming weeks, more stories will undoubtedly come forward about Democrat politicians and thought leaders that have both endorsed and imposed strict travel bans or lockdowns on their populace simultaneously basking in the pleasure of out of town or out of state family. How many Americans will abide by inane executive orders, while learning about (but not reacting to) their very own elected officials eschewing the professed sacrifices needed to support a common cause?

If there is any rational explanation for all of this, it might be that these politicians realize how ridiculous fear of the virus actually is. Sure, they use it to enhance their power, but they privately must be admitting that the predicted 2.2 million deaths will never materialize, nor can the virus be that much of a super spreader if only one-sixth of Americans have had it in nine months. Faced with a survival rate in the high 90s – and that includes everyone with advanced age and co-morbidities – their actions belie their words. Being on the left means never owning up to mistakes. Rather than admit defeat, these governors publicly continue the charade of public safety while privately enjoying their lives.

We would be wise to demand the same.

By: Parker Beauregard from

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