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Crime Thoroughfare: Convicted Rapist Caught Crossing the Southern Border

There Was a Convicted Rapist Caught Crossing the Southern Border. Is America a Nation-State Anymore?

Democrats speak about an open border as if it’s a positive and something that we should strive toward. They’re so wrong. For one, the prime duty of a nation-state is to defend its borders so that its citizens aren’t preyed upon by foreigners like the Iranians recently caught crossing the border. Having open borders means that the state can’t do that and, if a country can’t defend its borders, is it really a state? Or is it just a landmass where most people pay taxes? Second, and more important to the average person, having an open border means that the government cannot keep out criminals or those that wish to do America harm. The most recent piece of news regarding that is that there was a convicted rapist caught crossing the southern border.

According to Just the News, Customs and Border Protection authorities announced recently that they caught a group of 18 illegals trying to sneak across America’s border.

Among that group of criminals (it is still a crime to cross the border without permission, whatever the bleeding hearts say) was a man named Aurelio Sandoval-Valdivia. Valdivia is the convicted rapist caught crossing the southern border. He is a 54-year-old Mexican with not only a past felony rape conviction, but also a “willful cruelty to a child” conviction and DUI. Quite an upstanding citizen!

Oh, and those crimes already got him deported from America in the past. But, thanks to Sleepy Joe and his pro-illegal immigration policies, Mr. Valdivia is back and ready to rape Americans again! Thanks, Joe!

One rapist might not seem like such a big deal. Of course, to his victims it is, but, in the grand scheme of things, one man can only commit so many crimes. That’s not to say his crimes aren’t horrific, they are. In my opinion, all violent crimes should be capital crimes, especially crimes against children.

But what is most significant about the headline that there was a convicted rapist caught crossing the southern border is that he was caught, but many others could have slipped past CBP. What other scum of the Earth got in? More rapists? Cartel members? Murderers, thieves, brigands? We don’t know because of slow Joe.

Under Trump, the border was secure. Americans were safe and able to live their lives without fearing the predations of a Visigoth-like horde marching across the border. With Biden in charge, not so much. Instead of border security, we’ve gotten an open-border crisis that has led to untold suffering and misery both among the migrants themselves and for Americans in the border area. And a clue to that is that a convicted rapist was caught crossing the southern border. Mr. Valdivia should not be here. People like him should not be here. Whoever was with him in that group of 18 people should not be here. America is not a wide-open mall that anyone can waltz into, it is a nation-state with defined borders that must be defended.

Were uniformed groups of men marching across the border, we would spare no expense to crush them. No longer could a Santa Anna march across the Rio Grande. Yet, for some reason, we don’t act the same way with the illegal immigrant crisis, despite the fact that many of them are armed and even more are, like Mr. Valdivia, repulsive, violent criminals. Sleepy Joe needs to wake up and deal with this crisis. Rapists, murderers, and other nasty people can’t be allowed to flood into our great nation.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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