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Consumers Dislike Corporate Virtue Signaling


Welcome back to this week’s edition of “Interesting Articles.” This week we have a great lineup about a variety of subjects. The first is an article from the Washington Examiner about how American consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling; consumer trust in businesses is at a low. That decline in trust is because of the far-left message of many businesses. The next article is about how Democrats are lying about Trump; he isn’t the racist they make him out to be. The third and final article for this week is about how gun control would leave you defenseless to attacks by criminals or the government. Enjoy!

Consumers Dislike Corporate Virtue Signaling:

American consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling. They dislike the far-left message Big Businesses are pushing and are wary of the intentions behind said messaging. Or at least that’s the message of this excellent Washington Examiner article by Joshua Arnold about why consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling.

What’s his evidence that consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling? That consumer confidence in big businesses is plummeting. Nike’s decision to pull the Betsy Ross Flag shoe because Colin Kaepernick said it was racist, Twitter’s silencing of conservative viewpoints, and the mass adoption of liberal viewpoints has left consumers befuddled and distrustful.

Arnold tracks the adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility, the adoption and pushing of far-left viewpoints, and most recently, corporate weighing in on social issues. Companies making statements against North Carolina’s bathroom bill is a good example of that.

Consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling because not only do many of them disagree with it, but also it sounds like disingenuous pandering to the left. Companies should want the maximum number of customers, not a limited group of politically radicalized customers.

Americans have traditionally trusted and liked businesses because Americans understand the virtue of capitalism. Unfortunately, consumer trust of business is plummeting. Consumers want capitalism without activism, not mass corporate virtue signaling.

Whereas we used to trust businesses and the free market more than the government, now many are begging the government to get involved to protect them from businesses; that is certainly because consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling and the actions that stem from said virtue signaling.

What is the solution? How can businesses regain the trust of American consumers? Here’s what Arnold says:

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“Big business should stop the charade. If they want to exercise real social responsibility, that’s fine, but their political virtue signaling is see-through, hypocritical, and roundly condemned by all sides.”

I agree with him about the fact that consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling and what the solution to it is. Businesses should get back to business and leave virtue signaling to the idiots on college campuses that I described in “Virtue Signaling on College Campuses.” Consumers want goods and services, not far-left political messages. That’s why consumers dislike corporate virtue signaling.

Read Arnold’s article here:

The Democrats are Lying about Trump:

One article I found extremely refreshing this past week was a RealClearPolitics article by Dennis Prager about how the Democrats are lying about Trump. Or, more specifically, the Democrats are lying about Trump’s comments after Charlottesville.

What took place at that “Unite the Right” rally was truly awful. But, in my opinion, what followed afterwards was almost as bad.

As Prager states, when Trump said “there were good people on both sides” he obviously wasn’t talking about Nazis. He meant that some of the protestors were there simply to support and remember Robert E. Lee, an American hero. Similarly, not everyone on the left at Charlottesville was an Antifa thug intent on smashing bike locks into conservative heads.

Trump’s comment was meant to reflect that fact; while many people at Charlottesville were evil, many weren’t. However, Democrats twisted his words and their intent to make it sound like he was supporting Nazis and other far-right extremists. Furthermore, they tried to peg everyone there as a far-right extremist, which was simply not true.

Now more than ever America needs to know that Trump wasn’t supporting Nazis. After the horrible shootings this past weekend, Democrats are trying to twist the news to not only push unconstitutional gun control, but also to smear President Donald Trump as a racist.

Don’t believe them! The Democrats are lying about Trump; he’s not a racist and never has been!

Read Prager’s article about the Democrat lies about Trump here:

Gun Control Would Leave You Defenseless:

One of the main reasons to own a firearm is self-defense. Yes, hunting is fun and they are a great deterrent against tyranny, but the most important and immediate use of many firearms is self-defense. Yet, our friends on the left (and RINOs on the right) continue to push for increased gun control.

It’s as if they don’t know or don’t care that gun control would leave you defenseless. David French does an excellent job of describing that problem in this National Review Online article.

Criminals don’t care about the law; just as they’ll disregard laws about breaking and entering or robbery, they’ll also disregard gun control laws. French describes being threatened by racists.

That’s a big problem for many people, and is a great reason to own a gun. Many other Americans have to worry about robbery or other forms of violent crime. Repeating firearms are the ultimate equalizer, so it makes sense to own a so-called “assault weapon” for home-defense.

However, liberals disregard that and want to pass gun control that would leave you defenseless. It would disarm you and give criminals the upper hand, or, as French states, allow criminals to outgun you. Don’t let liberals pass unconstitutional gun control that would leave you defenseless just because there has been a tragedy recently! If worst comes to worst and a criminal breaks into your house, those policies might cost you your life.

The “Shall not be Infringed” part of the 2nd Amendment is unambiguous; gun control is unconstitutional. The reason for the unambiguous nature of the 2nd amendment is that the Founding Fathers understood its importance; it protects us from a tyrannical government and from criminals. Gun control would leave us defenseless against both.

Read about how gun control would leave you defenseless here:

By: Gen Z Conservative