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Consultant-ocracy: The New Fourth Estate

When we had a free, independent press in America, it was often referred to as “The Fourth Estate” – another branch of government that kept the other branches in check and served democracy. Now that the media serves the Cabal that also runs the government, a new Fourth Estate has emerged: The Consultants.

Unfortunately, this serves the same Cabal that runs the “public” sector but runs the “private” sector (businesses; education; sports; foundations; entertainment; publications; church denominations; etc.) with the same Politically Correct propaganda (BLM, Trans, Socialism, climate change, COVID-mania).

We almost have a Consultantocracy in the United States: The Rule of Consultants, unelected, unaccountable, slithering everywhere. We recently witnessed an example of this with the leaked ZOOM conference at a hospital where the Consultants were advising the medical personnel how to inflate COVID numbers and scare people into getting the vaccine.

I’m not sure of their tactics for taking over and ruling the formerly Private Sector, but I see them everywhere. Universities are now run by Consultants or “Marketing” agencies. Perhaps they just buy the Boards and administrators with “grants” for programs, “conferences” in Hawaii, or future lucrative jobs; but, clearly, they’ve taken over, often to the detriment of the organization’s mission. We’ve seen this with the politicizing of professional sports. Often the “private” institutions corrupted by the Consultocrats are used, destroyed, and then cast aside like an old shoe. The tail was wagging the dog

If you ever feel like you are hunted, pursued, hounded by NGO’s, “Associations”, or Marketeers, you may be being “recruited” for the cause. Don’t take the bait! Just when you break the Glass Ceiling the building’s foundation will collapse!

As if we didn’t have enough trouble identifying and opposing the Public Cabal, this Private Cabal complicates matters for freedom-loving Americans. But, as someone said: “The Truth Will Set You Free!”

Profesesor Garrett Ward Sheldon is a scholar of Political Theory, Religion, and Law who has written seven books on these subjects, including: The History of Political Theory: Ancient Greece to Modern America; The Political Philosophy of James Madison; and Religion and Politics: Major Thinkers on the Relation of Church and State. He has lectured at Oxford University; University of Vienna, Austria; Moscow University; Trinity College, Dublin; and at Princeton University.