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Conservative Values Help Addicts


This article about how conservative values help addicts was written by Victor Campbell, one of my valued readers and followers. -Gen Z Conservative

I am grateful to be a recovering alcoholic. If it weren’t for me getting sober, I would not have found conservatism. I was never really into politics growing up but looking back on it I led a liberal lifestyle. No limits on how much I drank or ate, which is why I was also morbidly obese. I was able to correct my obesity as well having a conservative approach towards eating. I owe it all to my faith and conservative values.

Addiction in America:

Unfortunately, millions of Americans struggle with some kind of addiction. In 2017 70,237 people died from a drug overdose. That’s nearly 190 per day. One overdose death is too many. The CDC chart shows that the overdose rate didn’t change for states in the middle of the country, but it did increase in areas of the east coast, California, and Arizona. What do most of these states have in common? Most are under democratic leadership which means liberal policies, which is a bad thing because conservative values help addicts and liberal ones certainly don’t.

Why Conservative Values Help Addicts:

As a recovering addict I now know that enabling other addicts does nothing for them. It can actually hurt them even more. Addicts need tough love, lift you up by your boots straps and say go after it! kind of love. ICE estimates that 19-29 billion dollars flows through the US border to fuel the cartels. What would happen if we secured our border? Would we make it harder for illegal drugs to enter our country?

The answer is yes it would make it harder, it won’t stop all the drugs, but it can significantly slow down the amount coming in. Since 2009 the heroin seized at our southern border tripled, while methamphetamines quadrupled. Liberal policies mean open borders. Open borders mean more drugs and more crime, which is one of the reasons why border security is national security. Meanwhile, most conservatives want a safe and secure border. President Trump, especially when he’s re-elected in 2020, will create that safe, secure border because he knows the difference between legal and illegal immigrants and knows that conservative values help addicts.

 Limiting the access of drugs to addicts along with education, and self-help programs can be beneficial.  Most addicts want to get sober they just don’t know how to. Ultimately the Democratic party doesn’t care about the drugs pouring into our southern border. The only thing they care about is increasing their voter base and increasing representation in Congress.

Democrats care more for illegal aliens then they do our struggling addicts and homeless population. San Francisco has the second highest homeless population. The first highest goes to NY. Both under democratic leadership. San Francisco is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s’ district; these numbers are from 2016. It just goes to show you that in three years nothing has changed.

Although we are still fighting the opioid epidemic positive changes have been made under conservative leadership. In 2018 the United States had a drop in overdose deaths by 5.1%. If we can continue this progress for another six years we can have a positive effect on the opioid epidemic. I know the Trump administration is working diligently to bring these numbers down even more. President Trump is not only stopping drugs from coming up from our southern border he is also trying to stop the drugs coming in by air and sea.


As an addict I am grateful that we have a conservative President and First Lady who are tackling the opioid epidemic head on. They are another example of how conservative values help addicts; they lead to representatives and leaders who want to help their countrymen recover from addiction. I wouldn’t wish an addiction on my worst enemy. If you are struggling with addiction I understand, and I am here for you.

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You first have to admit you are an addict (step 1) and then find a higher power (Step2). Step 2 helped me find God and God helped me find conservatism. I am also blessed to have the opportunity to write on Gen Z Conservative‘s blog. Thank you so much for reading! If you’re an addict who is struggling and needs help please reach out to me at . Always strive to become a better version of yourself and remember that conservative values help addicts!

By: Victor Campbell

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