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Finally, The Conservative Right is Fighting Back

Note: This is article 1 of what will likely be a multi-part series on how the conservative right is fighting back. This one mainly regards the media and the rise of conservative media. Future articles will cover other ways we are fighting and should fight.

While I was listening to Scott Walker, the President of YAF (Young America Foundation) and the former Governor of Wisconsin, The Long Game | Virtual event and Q&A ft. Governor Scott Walker

It occurred to me that the Conservative wing of the Republican Party has burst out of our self-imposed dungeon of cultural silence. Instead of being a sometimes provocative and boisterous, (Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity) counter-culture to the Establishment and RINO Republicans like Mitt Romney and John Boehner, we were going on the attack and taking ground.

When Trump got elected, the Republicans with a conservative bent like McConnell and Lindsey Graham all of a sudden grew a set and started to occasionally talk up conservative values and held the line on good bills and nominees. Lately, Conservative politicians are easier to find, most obviously are Ron DeSantis, Governor of Fl. and Ted Cruz, Senator from TX. You can tell they are effective in fighting the liberal oligarchy because whenever there is a wedge issue related to them, the leftist phalanx of cancel propaganda media ‘pounce’ to exploit it. They want to try to drive that wedge between the conservative politician and the voter.

Thankfully it isn’t just a political bursting out going on, it is a broad attack on the cultural stranglehold that Hollywood, The Academy, television, News industry, Education industry, and Big Tech have had. They, until recently, encased our views and our outreach in a black hole where no conservative opinion can escape their gravity well. We could opine but could not get real exposure, and plaudits and push from media? Fuhgeddaboudit!

I first noticed the conversation about taking an active role in and proactively fighting the liberal, and increasingly leftist, control of all of these levers of power on the Daily Wire. It is a daily podcast from CA (now Nashville, TN), where I was surprised to hear a solidly right-of-center broadcast from end to end, sometimes not as conservative as I liked but that is a high bar to cross. Jefferson is a little too liberal don’t you think?

When I found this right-of-center opinion site there were three commenters- Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan and Michael (no relation to Beyoncé) Knowles, but we will have to forgive management for that hire, he was probably related to an old girlfriend of Klavan. They soon added a guy who broadcast from his car, Matt Walsh, and together this gonzo gang has contributed to a movement that seems to be picking up speed exponentially. Through my exposure to them, I found a movie reviewer who wasn’t ‘woke’- Christian Toto, a long-time conservative podcaster, Dennis Prager, New Conservative podcaster Candace Owens, formerly Red Pill Black, Victor Davis Hanson, and Hillsdale College notables among many others. 

All this to say that while all of these conservative voices had been on the scene previously, they never had been aggregated and promoted so effectively, at least in my world. I am sure this is not the only instance of a small conservative star gathering a constellation of talent to promote a narrative counter to the one we were hearing pre-Trump, that we were managing the American decline into a world of Chinese hegemony and while we had a good run America was over, played out, without the ability to reclaim freedom and independence’s rightful place leading the world.

Trump gave us back our swagger. He opened a door, albeit with a battering ram, to show us the American founding spirit was still alive and as long as we can throw off the Deep State tendency to world build and police the planet we can reclaim the Republic that the entire world looked up to and wanted to emulate.

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Right now we have a similar dynamic as we had after WW2, the world economy is a shambles after the Covid hoax but this time ours is too. We have a global enemy only this time it isn’t the war-weary Soviet Union 10,000 miles away. Now, we are fighting Communist China and an entrenched globalist insurgency that has been knawing on our entrails for almost 50 years.

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They are indoctrinating our children to hate the only blossoming of freedom in the entire history of the planet, teaching a total misunderstanding of the American experiment, and revisiting 17th-century philosophy and an 18th-century realization of that philosophy with eyes that have a 21st-century perspective and that are tinged with the jaundice of Socialism (or Democratic socialism as the Communist dinosaur Bernie Sanders would have you believe).

Trump showed us that we can beat or at least compete with China economically not just because we were and still are the arsenal of democracy but if we can plug the leaks in our intellectual property drain, talking to you Diane Feinstein and Eric Swalwell, we can make them do their own R&D.

The fact that even the good guys, McConnel’s wife’s family, are Chinese Shipping big wigs that are taking money from both sides of the Pacific. That doesn’t mean I am accusing McConnel of being a Chinese spy but I do not remember a whole lot of pushback from him as the CCP swallowed Hong Kong.

Lindsey Graham is another Senator whose backbone took on some strength when Trump was in office but only haltingly and with what appeared at times as trepidation as if he was as much worried about the blowback if Trump didn’t win reelection.

I am not a Washington political insider so I can only tell you what I took from the news reports at the time. Today, part-time political junkies like myself can go to ‘Just the News’, OANN, Newsmax, America First, or a growing number of conservative sites to get another perspective on issues. Truthfully I cannot tell you if, or how many of, these conservative outlets existed before I started looking into alternatives. After being clued into the shameless misinformation of the MSM by ‘The Donald,’ I am attuned to the MSM malfeasance and the sound of real reporting is unmistakable.

Also with the absolutely shameful blather coming out of ‘Mainstream Medicine’, the CDC, WHO, The Exalted Dr. Fauci concerning Covid and all of the network ‘news’ channels regurgitating the talking points, ad nauseum you have to be grateful for the knowledge that Big Pharma promotes selling drugs and not healing and anything you see on TV needs to be closely scrutinized if not just disbelieved out of hand.

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I have found that natural healing, proper diet, moderate exercise, vitamins, and supplements are crucial as we age because the junk foods that Americans tend to eat and are provided to us compliments of conglomerates such as ADM, Cargill, and ConAgra are nutritional shells of real food. There is a push on in the name of the global warming hoax to get rid of meat, famously farting cows but that is the tip of the iceberg, protein from meat is probably the single biggest factor in the development of the human brain a millennium ago. I take some nutritional advice from different doctors and websites, some of which host free speech social media platforms but I decline to name them here because, you know, cancel culture.

If you leave a comment for me on GenZ I will send you a list of my favorites.

The making of lists to name good and bad politicians, news shows, medical advice etc. is like trying to grab a fart. The parameters change, and reporters can insert or withhold information if acted on by outside forces such as time constraints or their children being threatened by minions of George Soros. But as it stands right now there are some news orgs, medical advice websites and podcasts and broadcast platforms that don’t deliver just globalist propaganda.

Getting back to speaking of the long game, I am sure you have noticed the Education system increasingly, and earlier in your child’s life, taking more control of imposing a globalist value system of your children. From global warming hysteria to Drag Queen story hour, the schools have taken it on themselves to indoctrinate their agenda into your children starting in kindergarten. That is why there are actual, physical, ‘Safe Spaces‘ at Colleges and Universities where the students don’t have to be exposed to ideas that they and their professors don’t like and can’t refute. increasingly the few conservative organizations that do try to debate on campus are blocked from having their speakers heard.

But there is a battle happening on the education front, journalist Ami Horowitz who does great interviews of movers and shakers in politics and industries has started polling interviews of the woke on campus. This example is a good one: Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters

It is obvious that these kids have never been exposed to unapproved opinions that the education establishment has ‘protected’ them from… clearly reverse indoctrination. The problem is that the largest platform for podcast outreach, Youtube and Tweeter, can ban or limit the podcaster’s reach. But again, there are platforms that are committed to free speech, like Rumble and Parler but we have to give them exposure and readership.

There are many more alternative social sites and podcasts, both national and local such as Bit Chute, Diaspora, Mastodon, to name a very few but I cannot vouch for the veracity of their privacy protocols or conservative bona fides but there are also more ways to assess these values. And many opinion podcasts like Louder with Crowder (who I can recommend) and The Hodge Twins.

Mike Lindell, of ‘My Pillow’ and President Trump have promised free speech platforms in their futures.

Like I said, we are taking a piece of the ‘influence culture’ back for Conservative American values and like everything else the America, that believes in, the Founding Principles has done we will win.

I commented on a piece on The Daily Wire, I thought I would reproduce it here to further make my point on coordinated bias.

The murder and coverup of Uber driver Anwar is a pass port to lawlessness in America. The article states that if the perpetrators had been white males Anwar’s nationality would have made him a ‘beloved martyr’ on the left but since it was two black girls the ‘incident’, being useless to their narrative was swept under the rug along with a just punishment.

Furthermore the DC POLICE CHIEF, not some scumbag lawyer, but the head of law enforcement, covered for this murder by asking ‘would charging these two correctly and giving a stricter punishment bring Anwar back?’ is despicable and treasonous to his oath of office. Communist doctrine has completely overrun the DC police establishment and if rank and file don’t call this out I say they are guilty too.

And POOF it was gone from the news cycle. Conservatives are fighting back, but need to to so all the more strongly now. We can’t keep letting the media cover things up when the events they should be reporting on hurt the left.

By: David Gignac