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10 Great Conservative News Sites and Outlets


It can be hard to know where to turn for news nowadays. Once semi-objective news sources, such as CNN, have become increasingly biased and are now entirely fake news sites. Such a shift means that we conservatives must be more discerning about to what sources we turn for our news and commentary. With that in mind, I decided to create this list of 10 conservative news sites for you to check out. Each one is great and is one that I read articles on almost every day.

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1. The Federalist

My favorite of the conservative news sites is The Federalist. It is unambiguously pro-Trump and pro-conservative. Its articles on topics from Anthony Fauci’s failures to Hunter Biden to voter fraud have been well-written, factually accurate, and about topics that every American must learn more about.

Additionally, The Federalist is excellent because it accepts articles from anyone. While they do have a significant screening process in place and only publish the best of the best articles, they don’t rely purely on their own employees to write news and commentary articles. That sets it apart from many news sources, even many other conservative news sources because it allows The Federalist to present a wide array of viewpoints rather than only the viewpoints common inside the Beltway.

2. Breitbart

If you want to start reading one of the conservative news sites that give you more of a perspective on actual events and what transpired rather than commentary, then you need to start reading Breitbart. Its articles are incredibly well-written and are notable in that they cover the stories that the mainstream media refuses to. For example, while CNN and others might pretend illegal immigration isn’t a problem, Breitbart is willing to publish articles about that topic, even if they are controversial.

If you want to read real news rather than fake news, then you need to start reading Breitbart every day. Ditch Fox. Ditch CNN. Read Breitbart.

3. Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge started off as a blog much like this one. Authors, publishing articles under the pen name Tyler Durden (the character from Fight Club), write about a wide variety of topics, but most of them relate to financial news.

It’s one of my favorite conservative news sites because it covers financial news in a way that both provides all the facts necessary and is readable by the average person. Its articles on the populist revolt against Wall Street and the oligopoly’s response have been particularly useful for learning about the complex nature of financial markets and how shorts and short-squeezing works.

If you want to read financial news from a conservative perspective, Zero Hedge is the news source for you.

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4. The Daily Wire

Michael Knowles, Ben Shapiro, and the other commentators at The Daily Wire are some of the most important conservative voices of this era. Their commentary is focused, completely honest, and always conservative.

They pull no punches, even if that means writing or talking about what Republicans are doing wrong. They cover the stories other sources won’t. Most importantly, they’re pulling millions of Millenials and Gen Z Americans toward conservatism.

If you want to read or listen to top-notch conservative commentary, then The Daily Wire is one of the conservative news sites that you absolutely need to start checking out.

5. Newsmax

Newsmax is a great one of the conservative news sites because it combines the news coverage of Breitbart with the commentary of The Daily Wire or The Federalist. It’s a great blend of news and commentary that conservatives desperately need now that Fox has started to turn its back on us.

Their news articles are well-done and about important topics. Their commentary is incisive and pointed. It’s all-around a great site, and is one that is up and coming and will grow only more popular as Fox continues to self-immolate.

6. The Epoch Times

If you want to read articles on one of the conservative news sites that is, like Newsmax, a blend of news and commentary, then you should check out The Epoch Times. Its articles are factual and easy to read and, despite its conservative bias, it manages to strike at the root of issues in a way that few other websites do.

For example, its coverage of China’s responsibility for the Chinese Flu has been excellent and points out something that almost everyone else loathes saying- the Covid pandemic is entirely China’s fault.

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7. Issues and Insights

While it is entirely commentary rather than a blend of commentary and news, Issues and Insights is still a website full of articles that are worth your time. Its staff is replete with excellent writers that understand the conservative movement and understand what needs to be discussed.

They write about complex and controversial topics without being confusing or apologizing for their beliefs. While I&I is much, much smaller than the other conservative news sites on this list, it is still excellent and is one you need to subscribe to and read.

8. Whatfinger

This one is very different than all the other conservative news sites. Whatfinger isn’t a site that produces its own articles, but is rather an aggregator that compiles articles from a hugely diverse set of other sites (including this one). If you want to know what is going on, then you need to check out Whatfinger.

Drudge has gone off the deep end and constantly attacks Trump and Republicans now. Whatfinger doesn’t. It aggregates articles that show you both why conservativism is the right ideology and what is happening in the world. I check it out each day. You should too.

9 & 10: The New York Post and The Washington Examiner

I combined these two because they are much the same. The New York Post and The Washington Examiner are very similar news sites that publish articles both about news and commentary. Both strike a good balance between the two and manager to, despite near-constant attacks from the left, publish articles about highly important topics, such as the NYP’s coverage of the Hunter Biden emails.

By: Gen Z Conservative

4 thoughts on “10 Great Conservative News Sites and Outlets”

  1. Those are all good choices. I’m a bit surprised by a few you missed though, the main one being American Thinker. It’s one of my favorites that I check every day. Another good one is Don Surber’s blog. He publishes six days a week at 7 and 11 am and 3 pm. BTW, I found your site and several others on Whatfinger. Please keep doin’ what you’re doing!

  2. KUDOS❣
    As the Grandfather of a totally aware and savvy-wise GenZ Granddaughter, I believe that our GenZ generation will take a leadership role in returning The Constitutinal Republic of the USA and its founding priciples.

    God’s Blessings,

    Roger Emery

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