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Creating a Conservative Economy

Conservative Economy was created by former Army officers and graduates of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, Jason Mrochek and Matthew Newgent. This endeavor started with the conservative podcast Patriot Coalition Live in October of 2020, as a way to educate Americans about our founding principles and values and to effect positive change.

As former Army officers, Jason and Matt took a strategic approach to determine what has fueled the corruption and the usurpation of our constitutional rights and where they could effect change. They came to the realization that events over the last few years have consistently pointed to what Jason and Matt call the “three-headed beast” of mainstream media, big tech, and big business and the small number of people who control them as the source of the corruption and usurpation of our rights. History is replete with examples of nations successfully influencing other nations through economic power. Leveraging economic power is an approach the United States takes even today. These realizations and world history inspired Jason and Matt to take an economic approach in this fight, but at a grassroots level.

The Conservative Economy mission is to inspire patriotic Americans to spend their time, attention, and dollars with and other businesses which also support conservative values like free speech. We intend to economically mobilize the 75 million freedom-loving patriots who voted for President Trump to stand up in unison against this three-headed beast of mainstream media, big tech, and big business; and to use our power of choice and spend our time, attention, and dollars at the free-speech alternative to Amazon, which is (

We also intend to inspire other freedom-loving entrepreneurs to build a massive conservative economy community. Conservative Economy will also have a media gateway to give Americans access to multiple trustworthy news resources and news outlets. Our motto is “We empower Liberty!” This motto not only applies to Conservative Economy, but to every freedom-loving American Patriot.

If you ask these 75 million Americans, “Where would you rather spend your time, attention, and dollars, at Amazon, or at a liberty-minded company that shares your beliefs, like Conservative Economy?”

Nearly every time, they will answer, “If they can get me what I need at a reasonable price, Conservative Economy.” Imagine what will happen when this 75-million-strong economic powerhouse starts shifting its time, attention, and dollars away from companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Square Space toward liberty-minded companies like Conservative Economy…

We will reclaim audience from the mainstream media and effectively minimize the effects of the false narratives; we will build our own IT and banking resources to keep from being held hostage by AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google, Apple, and Square Space; and we will hurt big businesses that shut us out because of our conservative beliefs or how we vote by taking it to them were it affects them most: on the bottom line.

We, the conservative economy community, will have more media audience share and the ability to get the truth out to more Americans more quickly. Many liberty-minded businesses will have the financial resources to put conservative leaders in office, and we will be empowered to weed out corruption in our national, state, and local political offices. We will remove critical race theory and similar teaching from our schools, service academies, military, and civil servant sectors. We will restore patriotic education and give parents a choice where to send their children to school, and the funding will follow those children to incentivize excellence in pedagogy. We will bring America back to its founding principles and Judeo-Christian values.

We can do it, we need to do it, and we will do it, but we need help getting the word out in this fight, and we are looking for influencers like you who can help us get the word out and let America know that there is now a free-speech alternative to Amazon, and that we Americans should not do the WWII equivalent of giving Hitler fuel for Nazi tanks to take over Europe. We need your help in this fight.

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How open are you to helping get the word out, advertising for Conservative Economy? We welcome your response at

God bless you, and God bless America!

Jason Mrochek                                                                                  Matthew Newgent
Chief Executive Officer                                                                  President
Conservative Economy LLC                                                           Conservative Economy LLC