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24 Conservative Companies to Buy From and Support

Why You Should Support Conservative Companies

Over the past few weeks, I have written a number of articles about what companies conservatives should boycott. Leftist companies, woke companies, companies that donated to BLM, and most importantly of all, the Big Tech oligopolies that are stifling freedom of speech in America with an iron fist reminiscent of information control established by the Stasi, Gestapo, and NKVD.

But, as I wrote in my article on America needing leadership, simply complaining is not enough. We must find viable alternatives and then support those companies. the chance to support conservative companies is a key opportunity afforded us by the culture war.

So, what are those conservative companies? Well, without further delay, here they are.

Note: Some on this list, such as Altria and Las Vegas Sands, are major donors to conservative causes rather than openly conservative companies themselves. While they are not as open as some of the others, such as My Pillow or Kahr, their contributions should still be praised and recognized.

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1. Conservative Economy

In a David and Goliath fight, Army Veterans and West Point officers
take on the three-headed beast of mainstream media, big tech, and big
business with the free-speech alternative to Amazon: Conservative
. Please shop at Conservative Economy to help America and

Click here to shop on Conservative Economy, the conservative alternative to Amazon!

2. Clear Cellular

In my article on boycotting Big Tech, I noted how it’s about impossible to find a phone that doesn’t use a Google or Apple operating system. That means that whatever phone you have could be censored by one of those tech behemoths at any time. They banned Gap and Parler, track and sell your data, and are generally anti-privacy and anti-freedom.

Well, luckily for us, all that’s changing thanks to Clear Cellular. This cellular company produces high-quality phones that are just as functional as whatever you currently have, don’t track you or sell your data, and, best of all, use a proprietary operating system.

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That new operating system means you can download the Gab and Parler apps on your phone, along with a host of other ones that Big Tech hates! Yet better, Clear is completely committed to freedom, so you needn’t worry about those apps being banned in the future.


3. My Pillow

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is one of President Trump’s biggest supporters. He won’t stop talking about the voter fraud, publicly supports Trump, and advertises his wears on a huge number of conservative podcasts, helping them stay afloat. And his products, from pillows to sheets, are exceptionally good.

So, as part of an effort to support conservative companies rather than leftist ones, buy home goods from My Pillow when possible rather than some anti-American, leftist organization like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

To support MyPillow and this site, click the image above or this link and enter code FREEMARKET2 at checkout!

4. Palmetto Cheese

palmetto cheese- another one of the conservative companies to support

If you like cheese, you’ve hopefully already tried Palmetto Cheese. If not, you need to. It’s absolutely delicious.

Even better, it’s not headed by some snowflake CEO. Instead, it’s founder is someone who loves America. Back in September, the Palmetto Cheese founder said that BLM is a terrorist organization. In response, Costco pulled their products from its shelves.

We need to fight that tyranny. Don’t shop at Costco or any other grocery store that doesn’t sell Palmetto Cheese anymore. Instead, look around and find one that carries it and buy a few packages and then keep supporting that grocery store. America needs CEOs that stand up to BLM. Palmetto Cheese’s founder is doing so. Let’s financially support him by buying his excellent product.

5. Hobby Lobby

hobby lobby- one of the conservative companies to support

Hobby Lobby has fought hard to earn its place on this list of conservative companies. You might remember it as the company that took the abortion lobby to court and won, fighting for the right to not pay for abortions. It’s owned by unabashed Christians and certainly deserves our support.

So, next time you need to buy a toy for your kids or some arts and crafts supplies for fun or a school project, don’t buy them from Walmart or Target. Buy them from Hobby Lobby. If you do so, you’ll help support a conservative company.

6. Las Vegas Sands Corp.

las vegas sands- one of the conservative companies to support

Las Vegas Sands, led by Sheldon Adelson until he died on January 12, 2021, is a company that has done more than almost any other company in America to support conservative principles. Over the past years, it has donated huge sums to conservative causes, helping the Republican Party get its message out and win elections.

So, if you’re going to Vegas, stay at a hotel owned by Las Vegas Sands. Spend your money at a place that will funnel at least some of it to a conservative cause.

7. Cracker Barrel

cracker barrel- another one of the conservative companies to support

One predictor of if a community would vote for Trump or Clinton was whether it had more Cracker Barrels or Whole Foods in it. That’s because Cracker Barrel is a company that caters to conservatives. It serves good food rather than health food, sells pro-military and pro-God apparel in its stores, and is unabashedly pro-conservative.

So, if you’re going out to eat, try to eat at Cracker Barrel. It’s delicious, pro-American, and one of the conservative companies that we need to support.

8. Sturm, Ruger & Company

It’s unsurprising that a gun company is on this list of conservative companies for us to support. The product it produces is one that leftists hate. But the fact that it helps keep Americans armed isn’t the only reason I think you should support Ruger.

In addition to that, its CEO has criticized Hillary Clinton and the company has given millions to the NRA, helping keep the 2nd Amendment protected and alive. If you’re buying a gun, Sturm, Ruger & Company is a great company from which to buy one.

Plus, their products are excellent. The Ruger 10/22 is one of the best .22 caliber firearms ever produced.

As multiple commenters noted, a problem with Ruger is that its founder was a proponent of “high-capacity” magazine bans. That would be a problem, except that he is dead and the current company is a defender of the 2nd Amendment. We should not punish sons for the sins of their fathers, support Ruger! It is one of the conservative companies that we need!

9. Cintas Corporation

Cintas is a company that designs, manufactures and implements corporate identity uniform programs and provides entrance mats, restroom cleaning and supplies, tile and carpet cleaning, promotional products, first aid, safety, and fire protection products and services. It also donates to conservative causes and has been attacked by the investment firm BlackRock for doing so.

It’s a bit more specialized than some of the other companies on this list, making it harder for the average conservative to support. But, if you’re a business owner that needs any of the services it provides, then it’s one you should hire. What better way to spend your company’s money than on excellent services provided by a conservative company?

Support a great conservative company, “I Love My Freedom,” by ordering one of these great 2nd Amendment flags here: I Love My Freedom 2A Flag

10. Parler

One of the more obvious conservative companies, Parler is a pro-free speech social media platform that has been treated horribly by the Big Tech oligarchs. If you support free speech, cancel your Twitter and Facebook accounts and use Parler instead. It’s down right now because of AWS’s perfidy but will be back online soon. Support it to support free speech and conservatism!

11. Gab

Gab is another pro-free speech social media platform. Even better, the leftists can’t take it off the internet because it internally manages its own servers. As with Parler, if you’re a conservative then you need to support Gab. Unlike most other social media companies, it stands up for the American value of freedom of speech.

12. Regnery Publishing

Senator Hawley is one of the few Senators that stood up to voter fraud. In return for doing so, his publisher, Simon and Schuster, dropped his new book. Luckily, Regnery Publishing chose to take a stand against blacklisting by publishing Hawley’s book. So, if you’re a conservative that wants to fight back against corporate blacklisting of “wrongthink,” then try to buy books published by Regnery Publishing rather than the other publishing houses. They’re great books written by conservatives, so not only will your reading be informative and enjoyable, but you’ll only be supporting conservatives. Conservative authors and conservative companies need you! Buy from Regnery

13. Altria

Altria is a company that produces a wide variety of nicotine products, from the classic Marlborough Red cigarettes to the JUUL’s that leftists hate. In addition to fighting for the freedom to consume what you want, a freedom that used to be widely supported in America, Altria supports conservative causes. It is a major donor to Republican politicians and think tanks and is a member of ALEC, a conservative legislative group.

Admittedly, it is one of the “weaker” ones on this list of conservative companies. Its website lists diversity initiatives and its not necessarily and outspoken defender of conservatism. But it does donate to conservative candidates and conservative causes, so I think it deserves our support. Also, its work to shift smoking from dangerous, combustible tobacco to safer e-cigarattes is a great thing.

14. Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is a rifle-manufacturer founded by a Marine Corps veteran that produces some of the finest AR-15s available for civilian purchase. Its DDM4V7 is one of the best AR-15s that money can buy.

In addition to producing an excellent product, it is a conservative company. It is (unsurprisingly) pro-2nd Amendment and fights to protect our right to keep and bear arms. If you’re in the market for an AR-15, then you should seriously consider buying one from Daniel Defense. It’s one of the conservative companies we need to support.

15. Home Depot

Yet another one of the conservative companies you should do business with is Home Depot. It didn’t support the BLM riots, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to conservative candidates in 2020, hung blue lives matter flags in some of its stores, and reliably supports Republican politicians. If you need home-improvement goods, shop at Home Depot.

Yes, Home Depot did donate to a civil rights group after George Floyd died. But it did not donate to BLM. Don’t believe lies that say otherwise. Generally, Home Depot is one of the conservative companies that we should support. Don’t let a search for perfection blind you to the generally good.

16. Bass Pro Shops

Some sporting goods stores, namely Dick’s, have decided to stop carrying AR-15s. Not Bass Pro! It still sells ARs, taking a stand against the gun control crazies. Even better, it is owned by Johnny Morris, who is a lifelong Republican and devout Christian, and donates tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates.

Don’t shop at some leftist store like Dick’s. Buy your sporting goods from Bass Pro.

17. Sheetz

Sheetz is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores owned by the Sheetz family, which is almost entirely a Republican family. Additionally, the company itself has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republicans over the years, including tens of thousands of dollars in 2020. If you need to fill up your car or get a case of beer, shop at Sheetz. If you do so, you’ll be supporting conservatism. Also, Sheetz doesn’t enforce mask mandates, which is welcome.

18. Kahr Firearms

This one comes from a commenter who said: “I would add KAHR Firearms Group of Greeley, PA. They are incredibly conservative, even so much as to host an annual free 2nd Amendment Festival. The owner’s father was tortured in North Korean Communist slave camps and many of their family have been murdered by Communists – they know first hand the evils of liberalism. They make solid firearms (Desert Eagle, KAHR, Auto Ordnance, Thompson) and actively support their community from the local level up. They recently left State of New York because of the liberal policies. KAHR Firearms are is a truly American company.”

I agree entirely with him. Kahr is an excellent company, I love their Thompson reproductions, and is one of the conservative companies we need to support. If it supports the 2nd Amendment, then we should support it!

19. Goya Foods

Goya Foods is a Latino Food company that sells a wide variety of home cooking staples. Its goods are sold online and in grocery stores. Why is it included in this list of conservative companies? Well, back in July of 2020, Goya CEO Robert Unanue described Americans as “truly blessed” to have Mr. Trump’s leadership. Then, when leftists tried to boycott his company because he publicly supported Trump, he declared that he wouldn’t back down. He stood by his guns and publicly defended Trump.

For that reason, conservatives should buy as many groceries as possible from Goya Foods. Support a business that is proud to support Trump!

20. The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire is one of my favorite media companies. I listen to Michael Knowles and Ben Shapiro every day and the articles on that site are always fantastic. But there are plenty of conservative media companies, what sets The Daily Wire apart and earns it its place on this list of conservative companies for us to support?

It has recently branched into entertainment. Now, it is producing movies like its recent release “Run Hide Fight.” So, the next time you’re watching a movie or looking for something to listen to, head over to The Daily Wire rather than some horrible leftist company like Netflix.

21. Freedom Phone

Made in Hong Kong, designed by a young, pro-freedom American, Freedom Phone is the latest tech product that lets you declare your independence from Big Tech. It won’t stop you from downloading conservative apps like Gab and Parler, doesn’t spy on you, and, best of all, doesn’t use a big tech iOS! If you want one, order one here and use code GENZ to get 10% off your purchase!

22. Revere Coffee Company

Tired of the lying, fake conservatives at Black Rifle Coffee and their very subpar product? Then check out the real patriots at Revere Coffee Company! Their delicious coffee will keep you awake and away from the BRC RINOs.

23. AlignPay

PayPal and other banks are using their power to silence conservatives. No longer! With AlignPay, you can declare your independence from the leftist banks that would silence you if they could and switch to a financial services provider rooted in American values. Think of it as the pro-freedom alternative to PayPal.

24. Adorable Deplorable

Tired of every kids’ book being written from a leftist perspective? Want to dress your kid in pro-Trump gear, teach them about Jesus, and stand against leftism? Then check out Adorable Deplorable, an awesome, pro-Trump company run by God-fearing Christians!

If You Would Like Me to Add Any Other Conservative Companies to this List, Please Comment Below to Let Me Know!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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66 thoughts on “24 Conservative Companies to Buy From and Support”


        Admin. Bill Ruger is long dead. The company makes a very good American sporting rife on the AR 15 specs.
        Another excellent American jean, overall, coat copay is jeans out off OK, USA

        2A supporting companies: Magpul, Bear Creek Arsenal, Palmetto State Armory, Pickett’s Mill Arsenal, Brownell, Natchez,, Polaris, Federal Ammo, Hornaday, and most arms/ammo/ hoster companies are making their products in the USA.

        1. Thank you for these! I love Ruger, I was just noting that that was the case. And thanks for the others! Glad to hear Polaris is, I didn’t know about its political leanings.

  1. Altria is definitely liberal. Their web page lists environment, diversity, culture, path forward to a non combustible future, among other leftist code words.

  2. Am happy that Cracker Barrel is on the list, though I wish their food was better. Have yet to eat a decent meal there. Maybe its just our neighborhood store, but makes me shy away from the others. BTW Costco may have dumped Palmetto cheese but read today they will continue to carry My Pillow products. Can’t ride the fence Costco!

    1. What’s wrong with riding the fence? I’d be fine with every company riding the fence. Frustrates me that they feel the need to push me one way or another.

  3. Hobby Lobby are a bunch of mask police doing MI Gov’s bidding. My wife was thrown out by manager. Religious company is BS, just a marketing cover like the bad chicken joint that doesn’t open on Sundays. Home Depot, are you kidding. Ken’s Trump comments tells me all I need to know.

  4. William Ruger, hated detachable magazines and he also loathed his sons manufacturing the Mini-14 which was wildly successful. At one time sales of the Mini-14 represented almost 60% of Ruger sales and he still hated it. He also refused to modernize this factory where everything was still made like it was the 1950’s. Ruger bolt action and the Number 1 Sharps style rifle were beautiful guns and priced above their competitors rifles but they never shot better than their competitors. In 1986 I could buy a Mossberg or Winchester rifle for half the price of a Ruger and their accuracy was far better. I stopped buying Rugers and sold them all to replace them with Savage and Remington 700’s. After the death of Bill Ruger his kids modernized the factories and disbursed product lines to other states. Only then did we finally get the Ruger line of semi-auto handguns (awesome guns for the price) and all of the new production rifles which are vastly superior in both accuracy and precision.

    I for one was happy the day William Ruger died. He was a great man but flawed and his prejudices against detachable magazines and modern manufacturing cost the Ruger company hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Long live his sons.

  5. You idiots need to do your job. Research. Home Depot donated to BLM and supports liberal lawyer organizations that defend everything we are against. Altria… go read their flipping site! Serious! Surprised you didn’t add Chick fil A, the same company that now hates conservatives and embraces mentally ill Democrat platforms.

    1. It donated to a civil rights organization. Not at all the same thing. If you do actual research, you’ll see that Home Depot mainly donates to Republicans and is generally a conservative company.

  6. I’m sure there’s a lot you don’t know. Trump supported Red laws which have already gotten innocent people killed. He also allowed 6 States to murder over 15 thousand senior citizens. I’m glad the phony is gone.

    1. Boy are you a brainwashed idiot. Go research and see just what democrats are. Ck put whats under white hpuse and why.

  7. is a very good site to find out where companies fall on the conservative/liberal spectrum. They judge companies based on their support or anti-bias on issues such as Freedom of speech, 2nd Amendment, abortion, gay marriage etc. Ratings are 1-5, with 5 being conservative. I try to vote with my wallet as much as possible. GenZ, thank you for this list because even if it is not perfect it has people thinking.

  8. So nice to know that I already support most of these. I just took possession of my new Ruger PC Charger yesterday, shop at Home Depot one mile away all the time, love Sheetz, invested in Gab, and will be visiting Bass Pro Shops real soon, for another long gun. I need to go to Cracker Barrel more, and Hobby Lobby is great, just need some more hobbies.

  9. Altria: “A Federal Court has ordered Altria, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Lorillard, and Philip Morris USA to make these statements:”

    I wonder if the federal government will also make pot dealers display the same warnings…

  10. Given that it was 1989, the enormous pressure on the gun industry, and that his proposed cap limit was 15 rounds, I think we can safely surmise that politics and saving one’s business was a big factor in Ruger’s support of a limit. The link says that 6 years after he died (2002) Ruger came out with a 20-round Mini-14. They certainly make full magazines today. I know – I own Rugers.

  11. Thanks for the info but I see a mistake. You imply that Goya Foods is a grocery store chain. They are a Latin food manufacturer. Their products are actually sold in Walmart stores.

  12. Johann Schuster - Nurse, Daddy, Hubby, and All Around Good Guy

    I would add KAHR Firearms Group of Greeley, PA. They are incredibly conservative, even so much as to host an annual free 2nd Amendment Festival. The owner’s father was tortured in North Korean Communist slave camps and many of their family have been murdered by Communists – they know first hand the evils of liberalism. They make solid firearms (Desert Eagle, KAHR, Auto Ordnance, Thompson) and actively support their community from the local level up. They recently left State of New York because of the liberal policies. KAHR Firearms are is a truly American company.

  13. Anyone who has taken the Crown Ministries course will be encouraged to develop relationships with Christian organizations for all finance-related issues, including purchases. I agree with that principle as well as taking it further to filter on conservatives whom I can trust to uphold the core values I espouse from my traditional Christian convictions. Please keep building this list. Thank you.

  14. While boycotting companies is one way of showing support for your views, steering your money towards companies that support American values is the best way of showing your support. The bottom line effects a company’s stocks. Everyone from shareholders, executives, board members will notice the slightest deviation, good or bad. We need to make them spit their coffee all over their morning paper.

  15. James Dennis Johnson

    We conservatives need more than just news outlets and such. Someone needs to give us some entertainment outlets for our relaxation time. I mean, alternatives for Netflix, book publishers who publish literary books, accept for the conservative consumption. Not the liberal drivel with open sex, depraved conduct at every turn. We want something that our kids could read if you left it on the living-room sofa by mistake. A book that we could share with anyone, not what the literary media is pushing down our throats at present. We need a FULL list of media for consumption, not just bible books and bible television, I mean they are good, but most people need more.

    1. The Daily Wire is getting into entertainment, as I said, so hopefully, that will improve things somewhat. And the book publisher included in this list, Regnery, publishes many great books!

  16. I disagree with having Hobby Lobby on the list because even though I live the store and it’s support of conservatives, everything in there is MADE IN CHINA!
    They need to start concentrating on buying and selling MADE IN AMERICA products.

    1. That is a problem, but at the moment I think we need to support conservative companies before striking at every company that sells Chinese goods

  17. is owned and staffed by former military and military family members that love America. Highly recommended.

  18. Yes please let me know what companies support conservatives
    Also I was in Costco today 01/26/2021 and I spotted a rep of My Pillow so we talked cause I was surprised but happy to see the company there but he said that Costco will NOT be renewing their contract that ends in February 2021

  19. Another great company is Drury, They own motels all across our country. Owners are very conservative catholics who stood up against abortion. they are head quartered in Cape Girardeau, MO

  20. I would argue that if you REALLY want to support conservative businesses, you would stop doing business would companies that give money to evil big tech.
    From your list, here are the companies and where they host their websites
    Cintas – Microsoft
    Goya Foods – Microsoft
    Daniel Defense – Amazon
    The Daily Wire – Amazon
    Home Depot – Google
    I choose to buy from TRUE conservative companies, not traitors

    1. Well, yes, but at this point it’s almost impossible to find a host that isn’t connected with a company that has done something wrong, especially if you have a heavy traffic website. Generally those companies are good and I think we shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  21. Selah, WA, Please add Sundance Espresso to the list. A wonderful store, and run by constitutional laws and rights. Doesn’t bow to our Dick Tator rules. Great Christian family owned business.

  22. Please add Publix for shopping and drop all Kroger-owned companies.
    Publix owners family donated to help Donald Trump with his Washington, DC rally. Report was that they provided $300K for the event.

    Kroger bowed to Wokeism/Leftist pressure and dropped My Pillow from their business.

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