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Without Christ, Today’s Conservatism Is Hollow!

By: Belo Alvaran

It used to be that being conservative made one look virtuous – i.e., decent, honest, God-fearing, supporters of everything good – almost reverent.  Today, conservatives are viewed as politically fractionated, myopic, susceptible to incitement, cultic but devoid of godliness.  Practically non-entities, conservatives are a vanishing breed, if not already.  What went wrong with the conservatives, why is conservatism now hollow?

Today’s godless conservatives have one thing in common, and that is – ignorance.   Their kind of ignorance is very unusual in that it is deliberate.  It is an ignorance resulting from a concerted effort to do away with God, to get rid of his laws, even of his presence.  As Jeremiah the Prophet wrote “They refuse to know me,” said the LORD (Jere 9:6).  But without the knowledge of God, what is there to conserve?

Take for example climate change.  “Experts” are blaming fellow humans for upsetting the balance of nature.  They point to all sorts of human activities as its causes, such as use of fossil fuels, exploitation of natural resources, which, I might point out were God-given, and the preposterous flatulence of some mammals, which are natural occurrences. Where do conservatives come in? I for one was expecting some conservatives to stand up and point out the true cause of climate change: it is God Himself – God said so through Moses and the prophets.  God has reasons to be angry, and he is not keeping it secret, yet not one conservative seems to believe him and have the courage to stand up in his defense.  The silence in the conservative camps is deafening. Since no one stands with God, let me do it for them.  

Here are God’s pronouncements from which he will not backdown:

Levi 26:14 (KJV, the LORD addressing the Israelite peoples now residing in the American and British territories and in their colonies, as well as the non-Israelites who were “grafted in, (Romans 11:17)” and live with them) But if you will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these COMMANDMENTS; 15 And…my STATUTES, or…my JUDGMENTS (the 3 main provisions of his covenant), so that you…BREAK MY COVENANT…16 I ALSO WILL DO THIS UNTO YOU: 

I will even appoint over you TERROR (the United States and her NATO allies have been fighting terror)…

…CONSUMPTION, (Thayer’s Concordance: a wasting DISEASE OF THE LUNGS – i.e., COVID!)…18 And if you will NOT YET for all this hearken unto me, then I WILL PUNISH YOU SEVEN TIMES MORE FOR YOUR SINS.


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19 And…I WILL MAKE YOUR HEAVEN AS IRON, AND YOUR EARTH AS BRASS: An IRON HEAVEN is very hot when heated and very cold when cooled, while a BRASS EARTH is not water absorbent, hence the extreme temperatures during summer and winter, and the flash floods in many places.  That is the REAL cause of the climate change and not the CO2-bleching mammals and human overuse of natural resources as some experts claim.

The SEVEN-TIMES SEVERITY of these punishments were repeated four (4) times so that every occurrence is catastrophic. Indications are the third cycle is now ongoing. 

God’s anger can be assuaged – easily:

Levi 26: 40 IF they shall confess their lawlessness…41…IF then their uncircumcised (CLOSED, IGNORANT) hearts be humbled (by abiding by the terms of his covenant), and they then ACCEPT OF THE PUNISHMENT of their lawlessness: 42 Then will I remember MY COVENANT with (the Patriarchs) Jacob…Isaac, and…Abraham…

We need to know the terms of his covenant and avoid breaking them!  Then God would surely cause all these disasters to cease, plus we will more time to get to know God.  Then we can call ourselves true conservatives!

Shall we wait for the fourth cycle of seven-times severity? That would be much worse than what’s happening today!

As matters stand, however, conservatives are riding a roller-coaster towards irrelevance, and oblivion in the long run, for God will not welcome non-conservatives in his coming Kingdom. 

We cannot allow conservatism to die a natural death.  We need to re-connect with God just like our fathers did.  We need to find his purpose for us and abide by his prescribed way of living.  Then we can be called true conservatives.

(Belo Alvaran is the author of God’s Covenant – Extinct or Extant available at Amazon kindle and Ukiyoto publishing house)