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Congress Must Protect Americans First

America must put an end to the murders of Americans committed by illegal aliens each year not only because even one such murder is one too many, but also in light of the fact that any particular criminal illegal alien should never have been in the country in the first place; in other words, Congress must protect Americans!

In the case of Christian Rivera, an illegal who was charged with the first-degree murder of Mollie Tibbetts, a college sophomore, on August 21st 2018, after a month-long search finally led to her body, it is perfectly evident why it’s time to end this travesty and protect our border. The murder of this poor little girl, frightened beyond all imagination and tortured and left dead, like so much garbage, in a cornfield twelve miles southeast of Brooklyn, Iowa, is one more murder in a long string of such murders by illegal aliens, due to our government’s failure to secure our borders and properly defend America’s citizens.

Recently, on May 12th, the Des Moines Register’s staff wrote:

“It’s been nearly three years since Mollie Tibbetts went missing. Tibbetts was a 20-year old University of Iowa student who went out for a jog in July 2018 in her hometown in Brooklyn, Iowa, and never came back. We watched as her parents pleaded for her safe return and as friends and family mourned her after she was found dead.”

With the case of Iowa vs. Cristhian and the trial set to start tomorrow, May 17th, in Davenport, Iowa, there are many other such cases that we as Americans should and must consider. And if we look honestly at what Democrats have done to America for decades, to subvert our border security and American sovereignty, all in the name of growing their own power, we would rise up and stop them dead in their tracks today, never again to allow such insanity as espoused by the Democratic Party Communists a place in any future discussions

Consider the case of Grant Ronnebeck. He was murdered on January 22nd, 2015, over a pack of cigarettes, by Apolinar Altamirano who was out on bond from a previous conviction, while ICE determined if he should be deported. Thousands of cases just like this can be reviewed from over the past decade.

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Not a single American will ever forget that Kate Steinle was murdered on July 21st, 2015, by an illegal alien, who had been deported repeatedly, as she strolled down Pier 14 in San Francisco with her father.

If not for San Francisco’s sanctuary policy protecting illegal aliens, he would have been incarcerated that day, and Kate would still be alive and with her family. There are many other similar stories, with different names, such as Nisa Mickens, Kayla Cuevas, Sarah Root, and Ronald de Silva, that all end with the same results and the tragic deaths of decent and good Americans.

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How many more Americans must die at the hands of illegal aliens before our leaders say “No More” and arise to meet the problem head-on and say unequivocally, that America is a sovereign nation and foreigners will respect her borders and our laws or face harsh consequences?

This is a question the Democrats seem unlikely to ever answer honestly, as they are more interested in the defense of illegal aliens and MS-13 gangsters and murderers and enabling their party’s strong-arm fascist foot soldiers of Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacks to proceed, attacks that are aimed at eradicating Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

When asked about Mollie Tibbets’ murder by CNN reporter John Berman, Senator Elizabeth Warren responded:

“I’m so sorry for the family here, and I know this is hard for the family … But one of the things we have to remember is: We need an immigration system that is effective. That focuses on where the real problems are.”

What if it was someone you loved, one of your children, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? We all know you too, and all the other Democrats, would be moving Heaven and Earth to get those borders secure and fix the loopholes and cracks in E-Verify, like the one that enabled Rivera to circumvent Yarabee Farms’ check on him by using a stolen ID.

Rivera had been in the U.S. for approximately seven years prior to his arrest, with the last four years having been spent in the employ of Yarabee Farms, a dairy farm owned by Craig Lang, a prominent Iowa Republican.

During his August 21st 2018 rally in Charleston, West Virginia, then President Trump told the crowd:

“You heard about today with the illegal alien coming in very sadly from Mexico, and you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman. It should’ve never happened. Illegally in our country. We’ve had a huge impact, but immigration laws are so bad. But we’re getting them changed.”


At the time, Governor Kim Reynolds (R-Iowa) stated:

“As Iowans, we are heartbroken, and we are angry. We are angry that a broken immigration system allowed a predator like this to live in our community, and we will do all we can to bring justice to Mollie’s killer.”

However prevalent crime is, or isn’t, among this demographic of illegal aliens, the point is really irrelevant. The only relevant point is that they are here illegally and their violent crimes have been responsible for a significant number of American deaths.

While some disingenuous bleeding-heart liberals, such as Ali Noorani, director of the National Immigration Forum, has suggested in the past that the illegal alien community’s members are not at all prone to crime, the evidence shows otherwise.

The General Accounting Office documented that criminal aliens and Green Card holders combined committed 25,064 murders in America, from 2003 to 2009. Even more disturbing, the GAO’s study of the criminal histories of 55,322 illegal aliens, updated and published in 2011, revealed that by the time of their arrests and incarceration, their total number of arrests approached 460,000, an average of 8.3 arrests per illegal alien, with nearly 700,000 crimes committed. In 2017 alone, ICE arrested illegal aliens with 48,000 charges or convictions for assault, 11,000 for sex crimes and 1800 for homicides and murders.

During the August 22nd 2018 airing of ‘Fox and Friends’, commentator Tomi Lahren summed things up in a concisely and clearly, saying:

“Illegal immigration kills Americans. It’s Mollie Tibbetts [today], and it could be your daughter, your sister, your friend tomorrow.”

As the father of two daughters and the grandfather of two granddaughters, I can imagine the pain and grief that the parents of the victims of these brutal and unforgivable murders are forced to bear and endure, all of it so unnecessary, all of it preventable.


These murders are an indictment of all those excuse-makers for criminals who break our laws, and it is certainly, in my eyes, an offense of willful negligence and, in some cases, evil and scheming complicity by men and women sworn to defend the Constitution of America, as they advocate and facilitate their Open Borders agenda, in the fashion of the Biden regime, who has basically sent out open invitations to all illegal aliens, working at cross purposes to our Founding Principles and America’s sovereignty and best interests.

Americans have been betrayed by Congressional Democrats and weak liberal Republicans, like former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) and Representative Elise (R-NY), for decades, while the media falsely portrays illegal immigration as a victimless phenomenon and these criminal illegal aliens continue to give us the middle finger, burn our American Flag, and laugh at our laws.

Short of standing armed on our borders and in every U.S. city in citizen militias and driving the illegal aliens out of the country, from wherever they are found, we must force Congress to do its damned job and deport all of the near 40 million illegal aliens and secure our borders. And YES, it can be done.

We must not allow Congressional Democratic Party Communists to stay the course today, under Ol’ Uncle Joe’s tyrannical regime, in their quest for a pliable electorate and the creation of a new Serfdom, because illegal immigration destroys communities and American lives; and, just as it took everything from Mollie, her very life, it will take away the future for all young Americans too.

By: Justin Smith. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook