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Comrade Bernie is Finally Gone

Thank the Lord Comrade Bernie is Finally Gone

I should have written an article about it right when it happened on April 8th, but I am now; Comrade Bernie is finally gone!

No, he didn’t die, unlike the untold millions his evil ideology has killed in the past century. Instead, he just gave up and dropped out. Somehow, Obama the incompetent bureaucrat convinced him too.

What a way for the supposed revolutionary to end his bid for the presidency! His heroes- Lenin, Mao, Castro, Guevara– never surrendered, even in the face of overwhelming force and firepower. That’s not to make them out as heroes, they were just as much murderous thugs who sent people to the gulags as any other tyrants of socialism did. But, though there is a “Comrade Bernie is finally gone” headline now that Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race, there never would never be a “Chairman Mao Gave Up on the Long March” headline or “Lenin Gets Too Cold for Revolution” headline.

That’s because they actually cared about their revolutions. Read The Frozen Hoursif you want to see what the Chinese were willing to sacrifice for their embrace of communism. Again, that’s not an attempt to make them sound anything less can completely evil. But at least they weren’t complete and utter hypocrites like Comrade Bernie, who is a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is the true nature of socialism, that’s just a fact. Well, socialism and

Socialism only benefits the leaders of socialist countries, and Bernie is living proof that that phenomenon would not be confined to Europe and Asia.

What did he do in his final days of candidacy? Stand up to us capitalist pigs one more time? Call for the workers of the world to unite? Nope. Before I could finally say “Comrade Bernie is finally gone,” all he did was raise more money from his supposedly impoverished, working-class donors to give to himself and the squad. Even in his last days of semi-relevance, he stole from those he pledged to protect. In that, Bernie Sanders the communist is not a bit different than any of the other dangerous tyrants of the 20th Century.

Comrade Bernie is finally gone! Say it out loud later today, it’s fun. More importantly, it’s a relief. Joe Biden is horrible, yes. He’s a senile, unelectable, career bureaucrat. But Bernie is far more dangerous for America. It’s the difference between the corrupt politicians of the Gilded Age as described in The Republic for which It Stands and the horrific mass murders in The Case Against Socialism and Socialism Sucks.

Luckily, neither of them will be president. Trump will win. Democrats have forgotten about moderates and can’t match the great job Trump has been doing. But I’m still glad that Comrade Bernie is finally gone. That’s one less Democrat that we have to defeat in the future, and hopefully, his supporters will be disillusioned by his cowardice in the face of adversity and utter inability to even beat the senile Joe Biden. That’d certainly help us out come November!

In any case, I’m very, very glad that Comrade Bernie is finally gone. He’s just a terrible, horrible human being. The utter scum of the Earth and a disgrace to America. He hates freedom, productivity, Christianity, and everything else that America stands for. Thank the Lord he’s gone at last.

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By: Gen Z Conservative