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With Enemies Like These, Compromise Is Impossible

There was a time in America when compromise was both necessary and celebrated. When both sides had, generally, the same values and vision of society, there was no harm in compromise; in fact, it was a way to keep most everyone in society relatively happy while also moving society along for the better.

The Reagan, HW Bush, and Clinton years, while not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, were such a time. Thanks to a relatively moderate and united populace, politicians could work together to craft more productive laws and guide the ship of state as best they could. Mistakes were made, as Clinton might say, but small adjustments could be made without a Stalingrad-like battle for the wheelhouse of the USS America.

Such was also largely the case during the Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy years; the parties had their differences, but remained united behind a semi-similar vision of the role of the US in the world and what domestic policy agendas should be pursued.

Then things changed. Well, to be more precise, one main thing changed; the left drifted radically to the left, as this graph from the Pew Research Center shows:

While the GOP has moved marginally toward being more conservative, the Democrats have gone from being quite moderate to insanely far to the left. Hence why you’re now regarded as an “extremist” despite feeling like your views haven’t really changed. In all likelihood, they haven’t; the left has just gone insane.

Compromise with such people is impossible. As Ayn Rand noted, there can be no compromise between food and poison because poison wins. As Trump noted, the Democratic Party has gone from being the party of JFK to the party of socialism, late-term abortion, crime, and gun confiscation.

When the other side wants to disarm you and then kill your baby and take your paycheck, that’s not a political dispute. That’s an existential battle with evil.

And it’s only gotten worse over the past year.

There was the voter fraud in 2020, the existence of which is finally being brought to light, most notably in Fulton County.

Then there’s the Democrats and their allies supporting communist Cuba over the US.

And their burning down cities, victimizing tens of thousands of business owners.

And the lockdowns that decimated small businesses.

And the censorship.

And the war on religious liberty.

And the communist takeover of the military.

And the open support of degeneracy, namely pro-transgender and gay policies like drag queen story hour.

And, worst of all, the left’s normalization and legalization of pedophilia. The party that called troops baby-killers is now cheering on the murder and rape of babies.

Whatever the issue, the Democrats no longer stand for the moderate other side of the GOP, with both parties espousing generally pro-American viewpoints. Rather, the GOP (or rather the real conservatives in it), is desperately attempting to stem the tide of leftist lunacy and preserve key features of the American Republic while the leftists take axes and crowbars to every unguarded facet of the republic.

Those evil Jacobins cannot be negotiated with, bargained with, or even reasoned with. Like the Nazis, the communists in Grenada, or the Comanche, they must be completely and utterly defeated. Evil must be destroyed, not appeased.

No matter what the issue is, from a budget proposal to the most insane of insane woke policies, no member of the GOP should negotiate with the left. The radical, anti-American Democrats must be stopped in their tracks and utterly defeated.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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  1. “The Reagan, HW Bush, and Clinton years,… .”
    How dare the author compare Reagan to the Globalist traitor Bush family, and the shltbag criminal Clintons.

    • You missed the point. It’s not that the presidents were similar, it’s that there was a general consensus among society. The administrations were used to define the time period, not the men in charge. The American public, during those three administrations, had a general idea about what society should look like.

  2. It is true that the Left has continued to become more & more corrupt, quisling & evil. However, the Left has been corrupt & evil for decades. They began taking control of education & the “media” in the 50s & 60s. They have been murdering innocent human beings “legally” since the 70s. They have now STOLEN control of most levers of power in our country & are using the stolen hegemony to destroy our country & our freedoms. The filthy rich, Leftist Elites are consumed with money, power, & control – they are mostly godless, atheistic & hedonistic narcissists & egomaniacs.

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