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Complete Prohibition is Impossible

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My Take on Why Complete Prohibition is Impossible:

Our government likes to pretend that it can successfully prohibit certain substances. Alcohol to citizens under the age of 21. Tobacco to people under 18 (soon even tobacco will be raised to the arbitrary age of 21). Handguns to people under 21. Marijuana and other drugs are prohibited for everybody. E-cigs are prohibited many states, such as Michigan. Not only do all of those prohibitions go directly against the Constitution, their enforcement is a waste of time and money. Why? Because complete prohibition is impossible.

As the meme suggests, if complete prohibition is impossible for even God to do without limiting our free will, it is unlikely that the government will be able to do so. Furthermore, if even God, our creator, refused to limit free will, then why should we let the government do so? Is it more knowledgeable of what’s good for us?

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Based on the Bismark quote on politics and politicians’ lies from two days ago, I would hesitate to say that politicians are at all moral, much less moral or knowledgeable enough to make better decisions for us than God. Hence, it’s not unreasonable to say that complete prohibition is impossible and immoral for government to engage in; if God decided not to do it, why should governments attempt to do what God would not?

Complete prohibition is impossible because to carry it out would require a complete restriction of individual rights and our liberty. If an omnipotent and flawless being refused to restrict choice like that, then I think it’s probably not a great idea to give the government the power to do so.

Given that we do not trust any of our politicians to do the right thing, and especially not the authoritarian ones that want to ban things in the first place, it seems like a bad idea to give them overwhelming amounts of power over our lives. Especially if God himself decided not to restrict our free will in that manner.

So what’s the point of this post? Sure, complete prohibition is impossible, but why does that matter? Would a partial success not be worth it?

Well, generally, no. A partial success is not worth it. It matters that complete prohibition is impossible because the government uses the guise of prohibition to restrict our rights. It bans E-cigs, creates varied and ridiculous classes of firearms, bans some guns outright, bans dangerous drugs, and bans far too many other things all in the name of public safety.

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That “protection” of the public safety leads only to misery; look at the places where it is “protected” the most through state action. Iran, China, Medieval Europe, Nazi Germany, etc. Those states are hardly paragons of justice. Now, with the lockdown and restrictions due to the Chinese Flu, we have seen just how tyrannical government can get. Do we really want it to be a nanny state that has complete control over our lives? I sure hope not, as I know that I do not want that.

There’s a reason the Founders wrote against the idea of caring too much about public safety. Alexander Hamilton in his quote on the tension between liberty and safety, Benjamin Franklin in his quotation about how those who prefer safety to liberty deserve neither, and Samuel Adams in his quote on wealth and liberty all show in their own way that liberty is far more important than safety. So, on that note, it’s probably fair to say that not only would the Founding Fathers, many of them smugglers or customers of smugglers, say that complete prohibition is impossible, they’d also probably wonder why we were even trying it in the first place.

If you choose to life live perfectly safe, then that’s your decision. Just be warned that you might miss out on actually living by doing so. But I beg you, don’t vote for government officials that would force us all to live the same way.

E-cigs are perhaps the best example of that; a product that is at most marginally dangerous has been slandered and banned because of soccer moms who want everyone’s life to be perfectly safe. They want a bubble-wrapped world.

Don’t give it to them. Fight back on ridiculous restrictions on what we can consume and own. Victimless crimes aren’t crimes, so it is non-sensical that state-enforced prohibition is viewed as an acceptable way of dealing with potentially dangerous substances or items. And that’s if we’re pretending that government prohibitions work; in reality, complete prohibitions are impossible and just create a black market that enriches and empowers actual criminals.

Defend your liberty. Fight against government prohibition of individual liberty. It’s unjust and unconstitutional.

By: Gen Z Conservative