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Communism and Socialism both Kill

Communism and Socialism both Kill:

Communism and Socialism Both Kill

My Take on Why Communism and Socialism both Kill:

Communism and Socialism both kill; they’re ideologies of envy and murder. The fact that both of them are such evil, murderous ideologies helps show why we shouldn’t accept either of them. 

Unfortunately, modern socialists don’t understand socialism. They don’t understand how evil it is, nor that it’s basically the same thing as communism. And modern communists (socialists by another name because socialism leads to communism) deny that anything bad that has happened in the past is the result of “real communism.”

 Instead, they say that any potential positives, such as the industrialization of communist nations, is the product of communism, but the negatives, such as mass murders of political opponents, aren’t. That’s them trying to have their cake and eat it to, which is ironic for an ideology that is responsible for tens of millions of deaths by starvation. 

In any case, both modern socialists and modern communists seem almost unable to comprehend the evils behind their own ideologies. They refuse to accept that their ideologies are murderous ones.

That is unfortunate not only because it obscures the truth, but also because it prevents my fellow Gen Z conservatives and conservative college students from having a debate with them about the relative merits of communism versus capitalism. 

Without that debate, it will be hard to change minds and convince people that communism and socialism both kill.

Capitalism is the way to go! Socialism kills. Communism kill. Both are ideologies that lead only to misery, nothing else. Don’t let AOC or Bernie Sanders convince you otherwise!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook

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