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“Common Sense” Gun Laws are Unconstitutional

Never ones to rise above partisan bickering after a tragedy, Democrats are pushing for more gun control. The recent mass shootings have led them to believe that Americans want more “common sense” gun laws. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. But, more importantly, “common sense” gun laws are unconstitutional.

Americans don’t really want more gun control laws. Perhaps in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting, a slight majority can be found that do. But even that majority is hard to come by because deep down, all Americans know that no matter what happens, gun control is still unconstitutional.

While many laws of dubious constitutionality are on the books, there is a growing recognition that those laws need to be removed. The PATRIOT Act is a great example. Like “common sense” gun control, it was passed only because of high emotions after a terrible tragedy. Also like gun control, it is completely unconstitutional.

As I have said before, America needs to strike a balance between liberty and safety. Doing so can be difficult. Especially after a mass shooting when “common sense” gun laws can seem particularly enticing. But, if we are to remain a just society that respects our laws, then we need to defend the 2nd Amendment from gun control fanatics that use every tragedy as an opportunity to push their unconstitutional and radical agenda on law abiding gun owners.

Finally, I think it needs to be pointed out that not only is it true that “common sense” gun laws are unconstitutional, but also “common sense” gun control is really nonsensical. Criminals break the law, so they’ll certainly break gun control laws. Therefore, gun control does not work and only affects law-abiding gun owners.

So, now that you know that “common sense” gun laws are unconstitutional and nonsensical, what should you do? Well, first off, don’t change your mind about gun control. Remember that it is unconstitutional. Then, make sure to educate others on why gun control does not work and what the real causes of gun-related violence are. Hopefully that will help stop the far-left in its push for gun control.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook



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