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Commercial for a Nursing Home? Pelosi Has a Senior Moment in Horrific Speech [VIDEO]

Nasty Nancy is, far and away, one of the worst Democrats in office. And that’s saying a lot, as it involves comparing her to other Democrats. Yet, somehow, Nasty Nancy has managed to edge most of her fellow Democratic Caucus members out (perhaps with the exception of obviously insane ones like AOC). She’s won the terribleness Olympics. As Trending Politics put it:

Term limits don’t even begin to cover some of the most horrendous aspects of career politicians. Pelosi should have been kicked out of D.C decades ago, but not just for her life-long, self-enriching pursuit of power. Her age needs to disqualify her too.

It is one thing to elect a young, vibrant AOC who is attractive and can at least sell the corrupt, damaging, often lethal, platform positions held by the totalitarian DNC with a positive spin.  It is another thing altogether for idiot Democrat voters to send the likes of Nancy and Joe Biden to office. Honestly, what do they see in them and what are they thinking?

It is so infuriating to know that Pelosi and Biden exist because a majority of voters supported them. In a little bit of a chicken and egg situation, is America falling apart because Pelosi is in office or because idiot voters exist to put Pelosi in office?

I think it’s safe to say we expect corrupt, self-serving politicians to act corruptly and in a self-serving fashion; therefore, it is the fault of moronic fools for even giving those polls a chance that I despise more.

Whichever came first, it’s obvious that Pelosi is emblematic of America’s decline, something she’s more than willing to prove in word as well as deed.

In a speech seemingly given just so she could show the world that America has turned into a gerontocracy, Pelosi did so badly that Benny Johnson described her as looking like a nursing home commercial actor. Watch that here:

Let’s get back to the question, the larger issue about, Putin’s tax, that’s, uh, really, Putin’s gas hike, that’s his gas hike. So much of this, uh, increase and gas tax, uh, gas price started, uh, eh, uh, weeks leading up to what happened there.”

Trump might not have been the most articulate man in the world; he used the same 20 or so words, wasn’t particularly eloquent, and had a tendency to stumble over an idea or two and misrepresent what he meant to say (remember the eat the sunshine thing?).

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However, he obviously knew what he was talking about, even if he couldn’t always put what he was saying exactly right.

Further, he was obviously intelligent and mentally sharp. People hated him, but no one could honestly say that he wasn’t sharp as a tack.

The same can’t be said of our Democratic “leaders,” as the above video of Nancy Pelosi shows. Both she and Joe are, if videos of them haven’t been edited by someone with a penchant for making it look like their brains have melted, on the verge of senility.

That’s bad news for America; in these challenging times, we need real leaders, men and women of vigor, not nursing home patients.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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