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Comey Misled Congress and Trump

Comey Lied to Congress, Democrats won’t Denounce Antifa, and More!

Welcome to this week’s edition of interesting articles. There is a whole lot of interesting content lined up for today. First, you’ll see my analysis of an article about how James Comey misled Congress and lied to President Trump. Then, there’s an article about how disgusting it is that Democrats won’t denounce the Antifa terrorist group. Next is an article about why Romney lost in 2012 and what that teaches us about the free market. Finally, you’ll see my analysis of an article about wage equality. Wage inequality isn’t a problem! Enjoy!

Comey Misled Congress and Trump:

James Comey misled Congress. Comey also misled Trump. Comey is a liar and danger to America. That is what I got from this great RealClearInvestigations article about how Comey misled Congress and Trump.

Why do I think that? Well the article says that Comey twice told Congress that he was not investigating Trump. That is when Comey misled Congress. Additionally, Comey had nine separate conversations with President Donald Trump. Each time he told the President that he wasn’t under investigation. In reality, Comey and the faithless FBI were trying to find ways to investigate Trump the whole time.

They looked into if Trump colluded with the Russians. Or if anyone in Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians. They even looked into if anyone on Trump’s campaign had even had contact with Russians. It was an interminable witch hunt in which the FBI tried to depose a sitting president.

To me, the worst part about this scandal is how shamelessly Comey misled Congress and Trump. He didn’t even qualify his statements in ways that might have made them at least semi-truthful. Instead, he just told outright lies to our representatives and president. That should make the blood of every American who believes in a just political system boil.

A career bureaucrat attempted to overthrow our democratically elected president by misleading and lying to Congress! And he almost succeeded. That is incredibly scary and it makes me furious. Hopefully it makes you furious too.

The Mueller Investigation was a partisan witch-hunt, as I described in my “The Mueller Report and Its Aftermath” post. That much has always been known. But almost no-one knows the extent of Comey’s crimes. Americans don’t know that Comey misled Congress. They don’t know that he lied to the president on numerous occasions. Share this post and the article below so that more Americans learn about the Deep State’s crimes!

Read about how Comey misled Congress and Trump here:

The Mueller Report and Its Aftermath:

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Why Won’t Democrats Denounce Antifa?

There should be question growing in the minds of every American; why won’t Democrats denounce Antifa? Antifa is a horrible group of violent thugs. They smash conservative college students in the head with bike locks, spray college conservatives with bear pepper spray, and attack journalists and reporters.

Antifa’s recent attack on Mr. Ngo, a conservative journalist, is just its most recent heinous crime. Yet, as Mr. Josh Hammer accurately points out in this article, Democrats refuse to denounce Antifa or its attacks on peaceful conservative college students, reporters, and conservative protestors. Why is that? Why won’t Democrats denounce Antifa?

Mr. Hammer presents one possible answer; Democrats won’t denounce Antifa because the Democratic Party is a mess ruled by “The Squad.” And “The Squad” agrees with Antifa’s criminal actions. Especially its attacks against journalists in Portland.

Read Mr. Hammer’s article on “Why won’t Democrats Denounce Antifa?” here:

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Read about Antifa’s radical ideology:

Why Romney Lost in 2012:

If you are interested in why Romney lost in 2012, they you should read this great article by John Tamny. Mr. Tamny says that Romney lost in 2012 because he refused to believe in free market capitalism.

According to Mr. Tamny, too many politicians on both sides of the aisle believe in government intervention in the economy. Especially while a recession is happening. Instead, they should trust in the free market to correct itself.

Government intervention asphyxiates the economy. Letting the economy be free, however, is what allows it to grow. Had Romney advocated for that, rather than his oft-ridiculed 58-point plan, then perhaps he would have won. Americans like free-market capitalism. They believe in the virtue of capitalism and the magic formula of economic success. Other than the ridiculous modern socialists (who don’t even understand socialism), Americans want more freedom and less regulation/ government interference.

Republicans need to remember that. We won’t be able to win if we keep advocating for protectionism. As I pointed out in my “A Free Trade Analogy” post, Americans like free trade. Like tax cuts, free trade is good for everyone.

Free trade and free markets will lead to economic growth. As will tax cuts, which are good for all of us. And economic growth leads to elections won. Or, in other words, “it’s the economy, stupid!”  Republicans need to remember why Romney lost in 2012 so that they don’t make the same mistake in 2020.

Read Mr. Tamny’s opinions on why Romney lost in 2012 here:

Americans understand the virtue of capitalism:

Why tax cuts are good for all:

A good free trade analogy:

Don’t listen to modern socialists, they don’t understand socialism:

Is Income Inequality a Problem?

Many people have recently been asking, “is income inequality a problem?” In fact, income equality for the US men’s and women’s soccer teams has become yet another flashpoint in the culture wars. So, in this American Spectator article, Mr. Brandon Crocker shows why income inequality isn’t a problem. Especially in the realm of women’s soccer.

Mr. Crocker frames his discussion of income equality in the context of being a college freshman. While he was in college, he was in an economics class that had a socialist professor (which isn’t a surprise given the rise of socialism on college campuses). Long story short, the professor believed that the Soviet Union was a more just society than the US because it had more income equality than the US.

Winston Churchill would have been quick to point out that that equality comes from the fact that socialism creates a situation where misery is shared equally whereas capitalism leads to the unequal sharing of prosperity, as I point out in my “Winston Churchill on Capitalism and Socialism” post.

In any case, income inequality does not mean that a society is unjust. And income equality does not necessarily mean that a society is just. What does matter is freedom. The US is the last beacon of freedom and capitalism, as I just discussed in my “Ronald Reagan’s ‘Last Stand on Earth’ Quote” post. The US Women’s Soccer Team needs to learn that they shouldn’t make equal wages just for existing.

They should make equal wages in relation to the revenue they bring in. And the men’s team brings in far more revenue. Once you realize that, it is obvious why they are paid more. They bring in far more revenue than the women’s team and are being rewarded for that. That is the free market at work, not some evil, misogynist force. So, is income inequality a problem? No. It isn’t. In fact, forced income equality, as seen in the Soviet Union, is far more of a problem.

Read Mr. Crocker’s article on income inequality here:

My thoughts on why wage inequality isn’t a problem:

Winston Churchill’s quote on capitalism and socialism:

Ronald Reagan’s “Last Stand on Earth” quote:

By: Gen Z Conservative