WEAKNESS BEYOND CONTEMPT: Colonial Pipeline is Forced to Pay $5 Million and Slow Joe Sits Idly By

colonial pipeline and weakness
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Much has been made of the recent gas shortage in the Southeast thanks to the hacking of Colonial Pipeline by a Russian group called DarkSide. The group’s ransomware software allegedly shut down the pipeline, a pipeline that normally moves ~100 million barrels of fuel a day from the gulf to locations throughout the Southeast and Eastern seaboard. As a result, there were mass gas shortages in the region, panicking Americans rushed to fill their tanks in gas stations with Carteresque lines, and billions of dollars of commerce were impeded.

After about a week of being shut down, Colonial decided to pay the $5 million requested by Darkside. Doing so allowed it to reopen the pipeline and continue normal operations. Meanwhile, throughout all of this, where was Joe Biden? Like during the presidential campaign, hidin’ Joe Biden was hiding out in his basement, letting Russian attacks on an American company go unanswered.

It would be one thing if this were a minor incident. If, say, a hotel’s computers had been hacked and reservations were scrambled. That would still be problematic and should be responded to by our government, but this hacking of Colonial is undeniably worse. The fuel supplies of a near quarter of the country were shut down; that act of unprovoked aggression certainly deserves a response from our government, especially in light of other, recent Russian aggression.

The Colonial Pipeline hack shut down our fuel transportation ability for the Southeast. The SolarWinds hack breached our government’s security systems and targeted Microsoft and Intel. They’ve invaded Ukraine, seized Crimea, sowed chaos in Libya, fought to support a dictatorship in Syria, helped Maduro maintain rule in Venezuela, and done their best to destabilize the US electoral process.

That’s not to say they’re “evil” or “crazy,” as many warmongers on the right and left do. Putin is rational and focused on restoring Russia’s place in the world, as he should be as a leader. All of Russia’s actions make sense from the Russian perspective.

But the US is not Russia and our leader, Joe Biden, should not tolerate Russian aggression.

Under Trump, we responded to their attacks on the pro-Western nation of Ukraine by sending Javelin missiles and other arms with which the Ukrainians could defend their sovereignty and liberty. When Russian mercenaries, fighting as part of the Wagner group, attacked our Special Forces in Syria, we bombed them straight to hell, killing hundreds of them without losing a single American. And when the SolarWinds hack was discovered, we (supposedly) covertly responded. Trump never went to war, but he did stand up for American interests abroad. He threaded the line between responding with bravery and honor and needlessly going to war.

Not so with the Biden Administration. Here’s what Asche Schow of the Daily Wire had to say about Biden’s weak response:

“There hasn’t been much in the way of encouraging news out of the Biden administration. On Thursday, when Biden finally spoke about the issue, he said his administration wouldn’t rule out a counterattack, insisting the U.S. would pursue “a measure to disrupt their ability to operate.” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said such an attack would wait on recommendations from U.S. Cyber Command.”

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So, in other words, Biden and his lackeys waited a full week to respond and, when they did, their response was incredibly weak. Rather than stand up for American interests and American companies, Biden let them be blackmailed into paying a multimillion-dollar ransom. Rather than focus on defending American interests from Russian aggression, Biden is tossing them to the wolves. Like his spiritual predecessor, Jimmy Carter, slow Joe seems incapable of standing up for American interests abroad. Our enemies are laughing hysterically at our weakness.

Were we to bomb Russia’s oil fields and prevent them from pumping a similar amount of fuel a day, were we to sink tankers arriving in China and prevent them from receiving hundreds of millions of gallons of gasoline, would those nations not respond? Of course they would!

That’s because, unlike America, “led” as it is by weak, slow Joe, they stand up for themselves. Russia would respond to an attack on its oil fields. China would respond to any attacks that threatened its fuel supplies. So, why should the US not do the same?

Russia put the gasoline supply of the entire Southeast in danger with its Colonial Pipeline hack. The US must respond in kind, potential future retaliation be damned. Shut down their pipelines. Hack their energy grid. Shut down their internet, wreak havoc on their financial services, anything. Whatever it is, the US must respond to Russian aggression because that is how countries of honor behave. When attacked, they punch back twice as hard.

Read Beowulf. Read The Song of Roland, The Song of the Cid, or the History of the Peloponnesian War. When attacked, nations of honorable men respond bravely, consequences be damned. Beowulf kills the dragon even though it means his death, Roland fights against the Saracens even though doing so means his death, the Cid charges with a few thousand men into an army of tens of thousands of Moors, and both the Spartans and Athenians never let a slight go unanswered. Even though it meant war would shake their territories, they fought like devils to defend their sacred honor.

Now is the time for America to prove it is a nation of brave, honorable men rather than miserable, wretched weaklings that cower in the dirt, hoping nothing happens to us. Joe Biden must eschew his wish to remain passive and instead stand up for America against Russian cyber aggression.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook


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