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BOOM: Epic Video Shows that “FJB” Season is Back!

Well, folks, Christmas came early this year: the FJB chants are back and people are expressing their immense displeasure with President Slow Joe Biden once again.

This year, the outbreak of epic FJB chants began, surprisingly, at a college, where co-eds outside their dorm rooms broke into a rousing “F*** Joe Biden” chant. Here’s that video:

It’s been too long without a spate of high-profile FJB chants. The last one of any real prominence to occur was a few weeks ago at the LIV golf tournament, where Tucker Carlson, former President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene were seen laughing and joining in as the crowd chanted “FJB”.

But, while that was hilarious and very funny, particularly given that Trump and Tucker were there and involved, the one with the college kids is so much better.

People expect college kids to be liberal, to be going along with the current thing, or to at least be so intimidated by their blue-haired, freakish teachers that they keep quiet rather than speaking out against the horror show they seen around them.

But not the kids at the college in the video shared at the top of the article: those kids had no fear in chanting the awesome, anti-Biden slogan while around their peers, the blue-hairs and their septum-pierced acolytes be damned.

Now it’s time for the chants to come back to football stadiums around the nation. For a reminder of how awesome that was, here’s a great compilation of those chants from last football season.

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And now college football season is back, with all the drunk and riotous college kids getting to give Slow Joe the middle finger in stadiums around the nation…for weeks upon weeks on end…all over the country…and get retweeted to kingdom come on Twitter for their pains. Great stuff.

Maybe Grandpa Badfinger can avoid the chants this year. He did just pay off thousands of dollars in student debt loans, after all.

But, then again, inflation is still through the roof, gas prices are painfully high, the Mexican border is even more of a disaster than it was next year, no one wants to be drafted to defend Ukraine’s borders or Taiwan’s border while ours with Mexico lies undefended and cartel thugs rush across, and he’s just an embarrassment generally.

So we’ll see what happens. On one hand is outright bribery. On other is anger that’s been steadily building over the past year and somewhere in the range of 7-15 pregame Budlights consumed per college age male at the games.

My betting money is on the FJB chants. Like Aragon in Lord of the Rings, Trump in 2024, or Jackson in the nick of time at Antietam, they shall return. And when they do, the content is gonna be uproariously good…that TikTok video at the top is just a drop in the bucket of how great it’s gonna be.

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