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Corruption, Corruption Everywhere! The Collapse of the American Republic

The Collapse of the American Republic… The title is unashamedly almost plagiarized from the book “Collapse of the Third Republic” by William L. Shirer.  For a journalist, he is surprisingly accurate at times. The theme is highlighting the corruption and dissension from which the French nation began the descent from world power to a backwater with some nice wine and cheese. 

We have also been experiencing an interesting amalgam of various destructive political and social currents as befits our democratic society recently.  These types of divisions have arisen at various points in our history, usually along religious, economic, geographic or social lines.  When push came to shove, however, we banded together to address the problems before we receded into our own spheres to enjoy life.

Watching the American flag being raised gives one a feeling of strength, that of being a part of a greater creation, a flash of our history from those who have walked before us.  Now our flag has been tarnished by Biden and defamed by political corruption and the ostracized “justice” screamers. The tremors of fearful anticipation in the disavowal of the symbol of our beliefs have been felt and are growing across the country, starting with the basis of our society, the schools.

The use of the unique flags of the sexually bewildered and the disaffected colored group in our society underlines their incompatibility with our ideals and concepts of government.  Their loyalty to the other flags appears to supersede loyalty to our own.  Amusingly, these misfits still wish to claim protection and financial support from the country and the alleged oppressors they despise and wish to destroy.

The first area of decomposition that is evident is of course the government itself.  Anytime tremendous amounts of money are centralized, the rats accumulate to feed on the bounty.  The situation has now reached a point where it is not crumbs being stolen but the entire loaf is under assault.

We have recently been subjected to a stunning revelation of the extent of both incompetence and theft that has heretofore been at least disguised. The Wu-Flu is on the table. The question becomes did the thieves (bankers) become too greedy and steal the whole loaf?  The World Economic Forum program underway currently is breathtaking in scope, one must admit.  Worldwide financial control is the goal.  The dreams of King Midas are verging on completion after 3,000 years.  It requires quite a delusional mind to believe that success of this scale is achievable, but the attempt is ongoing and they may be correct.

The politicians, otherwise known as ‘the help’ to the financial elite, are scurrying to comply with their instructions concerning the epidemic, but are inhibited by the mediocrity of their governmental lackeys.  The areas of corruption extend into every nook of the system, from congress through to all agencies. 

The CDC is one of the leaders in payoffs to their management as well as promoting disinformation to our citizens.  There are payoffs in grants from pharmaceutical companies or in promotions within the bureaucracy.  It is a criminal offense to use people for medical specimens according to the International Court of Justice, but apparently, the drug companies again work at the behest of the government similar to the Germans in the 1930s’.  

Sadly, there are many people who believe the propaganda and wear their masks and get untested compounds injected into their veins because of the “science.”  They will never research the situation themselves and trust the government to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, they do not realize that the government in this case is raking in their money and using it to control them.

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The military has led the way to corruption since the first spear was bought 100,000 years ago.  The retired military officers often take jobs with the company to whom they just awarded a weapons contract. This has created a political structure within the Defense Department that has replaced concentration on military affairs with awarding contracts as its’ primary focus. They certainly do not win wars.

We are all aware of the corruption at the CIA and the FBI/Justice Department.  The revolving door at this D.C. address involves a law degree and “who do you know?”  It is a rotation out the door to a lobbying firm with a nice check while waiting for your patrons to be reelected and the cycle continues anew.

This largess is funded by worthless paper and consists of a yoke on the neck of the citizenry.  Even with the vast amounts of money spent by the Wall Street crowd on media, some people that were previously asleep have begun to awaken.  This is causing some of us to take a hard look at the situation.  Our votes are not valid, our God-given rights are trashed, and our savings will soon be worthless as inflation accelerates its rot. It would take a large push to collapse the system, as we are the world empire instead of just a fading memory such as France was when Shirer wrote his tome. But it is in the offing.

The government reflects the society it rules.  The waving of disparate flags gives an accurate indication of our societal binding strength.

The Third French Republics’ interconnected weaknesses were not readily apparent when the panzers rolled and the immediate collapse ensued.

Do we realize ours?

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, where this article originally appeared, and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.