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Coat Hanger Machine Gun

Coat Hanger Machine Gun:

Coat Hanger Machine Gun

My Thoughts on Coat Hanger Machine Guns and Abortion:

Unfortunately to some of y’all, this post is not a coat hanger machine gun pdf, nor plans for the proper coat hanger machine gun dimensions. Instead, it is a bit of a hot take given what’s currently going on in Alabama with the abortion ban.

But, I think that it is interesting to examine how different liberal attitudes are towards a machine gun ban versus an abortion ban. Or even just gun control versus abortion control. Like I mention in “Is Abortion a Constitutional Right?,” abortion is not a right. The 2nd Amendment is a god-given right, however.

It’s interesting because the 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to own weapons and defend ourselves. Yet the Constitution and Bill of Rights say nothing about abortion, much less abortion being a right. That’s something to consider about the difference in attitudes towards abortion and the 2nd Amendment.

All Americans that believe in the right of their fellow Americans to own weapons, even machine guns made from inserting a specially folded coat hangar into an AR-15. Yet, they are under no obligation to support abortion. I have complex views on abortion, mainly centered around economics and the various costs associated with not allowing it.

However, I recognize that there are very good arguments against it. And I know that all Americans don’t have to support it; abortion is not a constitutional right. As this coat hanger machine gun meme shows, there are other similarities between the tyranny of gun control and abortion…

By: Gen Z Conservative