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Watch: Pompous CNN Guest Claims that CNN’s Dwindling Audience “More Enlightened” than Joe Rogan Fans

What would you call the people that still trust CNN after its years of lies about Trump, Russia, and any conservative brave enough to stand up to the leftist elite rather than bending the knee and accepting leftist talking points? Is there a word or phrase you’d use for those that still listen to the network with a shocking number of pedophilia-related scandals?

You probably do and it’s probably not “more enlightened.” However, that’s how CNN referred to its audience when it slammed Joe Rogan fans on a recent, insulting segment.

Remember, this is the network that accused Joe Rogan of consuming “horse dewormer” when he announced he was taking Ivermectin, along with a cocktail of other drugs, to fight Covid. Now, that same, lying network is slandering Rogan and his fans yet again, this time egged on to do so by the battle between Spotify, Neill Young, and Joe Rogan, a battle that’s gone decidedly in Joe’s favor.

The insults came on Brian “the Potato” Stelter’s Sunday broadcast. During that show, writer Kat Rosenfield said:

People are fundamentally angry about not being able to stop [Joe Rogan’s] audience from wanting news that is bad for them, you know … We are all haunted by the spectre of this guy who is listening to Joe Rogan and internalizing this bad information.

But that wasn’t enough. Rosenfield, who must have wanted to make herself appear even more of a pompous jerk, then said:

Here is people who, they like something that we — you know, who consider ourselves more enlightened — don’t think is good for them.You know, we think that they’re internalizing this misinformation, that they’re using it to make bad decisions. Um, but, if you took away Joe Rogan by de-platforming him, just as if you took away Doritos — would they seek out better information?”

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You’d think that a writer accusing others of being less “enlightened” would at least bother to articulate her viewpoint in a convincing way. If her grammar, word choice, and argument are any indication, then you’d be wrong.

It’s an absurd argument. Those that listen to Rogan discuss various topics, everything from backcountry elk hunting to the science behind eating healthily, are hardly less “enlightened” than those fools that spend hours watching CNN and waiting for some host like Brian Stelter to dribble out a sound bit they like about how terrible the bad orange man or deplorables are.

Joe Rogan, however, is probably not surprised, given that he recently took a wrecking ball to CNN, saying:

It’s not just that it sucks, but it’s preposterous. It’s preposterous. It’s also this smugness in which they disseminate propaganda. People know that they’re full of s***. And they’re doing it with a smugness. And it turns people off. It would turn people off even if they were accurate.”

The sort of “full of sh*t” smugness that Rogan described is just what was going on with Rosenfield’s pompous, ridiculous statement about taking away our Doritos. If anyone is “more enlightened,” it’s those that turned off CNN years ago.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.