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CNN Denounces Demonizing Immigrants As Bad – Unless You Are CNN Demonizing the Unvaccinated – Then It’s All Good.

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“President Biden has a border crisis on his hands – no doubt. But conservatives are capitalizing on it by demonizing immigrants as diseased spreaders of covid – with no facts to back that up.”

So, there are “no facts” that Brianna Keilar has seen, to show that Joe Biden’s policy of flooding the country with Covid infected illegal immigrants causes any harm. Here are some facts for Brianna Keilar to study over her evening cocktail.

  • Here is the law enforcement in Texas reporting about Covid positive illegal immigrants being released from federal custody to a Catholic charity, which booked hotel rooms for them without notifying local officials.
  • Here is Custom and Border enforcement reporting that they encountered 135 Covid positive illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley in July.
  • Here is the city of McAllen, Texas, reporting that over 7,000 COVID-positive migrants have been released into the city since February.
  • Here is report that In the last seven days, alone, the Biden administration released more than 1,500 coronavirus-positive border crossers into McAllen.

The examples could continue.  Nobody really knows how many Covid positive illegals enter the USA, because nobody tracks how many get in without being caught.  However, it is good to know that CNN is taking a firm stand against “demonizing people without evidence.”  CNN strongly denounces “demonization,” and has never engaged in the practice themselves.  For example, CNN is fully aware that there is absolutely no evidence that unvaccinated people spread Covid to the vaccinated.

  • Here is CDC data showing that more than 99.99% of people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization or death.
  • Here is PolitiFact stating that the odds of a fully vaccinated person to get Covid is 4 out of 100 thousand.

Knowing that the chance for an unvaccinated person to infect the vaccinated is negligibly small, CNN has never allowed their hosts to spread misinformation by demonizing the unvaccinated.  Or did they?

  • Here is Chris Cuomo, claiming, without evidence, that unvaccinated people “infringe upon the rights of the majority,” and also, that the unvaccinated people “helped this virus change into Delta variant” (here is the science saying that Delta variant first appeared in December of 2020 – long before vaccines were available to the general population).

“The majority of this country, people from left and right and center and north and south, all places, all faces, the majority have taken the step to protect themselves and others. … So, that’s the majority, and that majority has had their rights to work and live as they want infringed upon, in significant part, because of those who have failed to do the same and help this virus change into what it is now, the Delta variant.”

  • Here is Don Lemon demanding, without evidence, that the unvaccinated people should be relegated to second-class status.

“Don’t have the vaccine – can’t go to a supermarket.  Don’t have the vaccine – can’t go to a ball game.  Don’t have the vaccine – can’t go to work.  No shirt, no shoes – no service.”

  • Here (minute 2 of the video) is Chris Cillizza, claiming, without evidence, that a lower number of vaccinations is the cause of larger outbreaks.
  •  Here (2 minutes 40 seconds of the video) is Chris Cillizza, claiming, without evidence, that “Donald Trump has turned Covid 19 from the public health issue into a political one” (here is Donald Trump encouraging people to get vaccinated.)  It is CNN that turned vaccination into a political issue. Here (minute 4 of the video) is Chris Cuomo claiming, without evidence, that it is mostly ‘Trumpers’ who resist taking the vaccine (thanks for the cool nickname, Fredo!).

So the science has spoken. CNN sees no evidence that people infected with Covid who are coming across the border can infect other people. However, CNN is absolutely certain that unvaccinated legal residents of this country are spreading Covid all over the place, even though CDC data shows a chance of that happening is statistically insignificant.

Well, at least CNN is not “demonizing” anybody. Because as we all know, demonizing is really bad.

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