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CNN is Fake News

My Take on Why CNN is Fake News

I know, I know, conservatives say that CNN is fake news all the time. At this point, saying so probably isn’t even considered beating a dead horse anymore. At this point, saying that CNN is fake news is basically whipping the bones of an already skeletonized horse.

But, I still think it’s worth saying because of CNN’s despicable behavior during the Trump presidency. As the above meme shows, CNN (and the rest of the Mainstream Media, for that matter) don’t care about the truth or verified sources. They care only about imparting their far-left agenda on the portion of the American populace dumb enough to watch them.

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Their “sources” are unreliable or treasonous leakers like John Brennan, who should be indicted. The people that it supports are imbeciles like AOC or anti-American radicals like Representative Omar, whose district is full of terrorists. Worst of all, the “information” CNN presents is misleading at best. It is not meant to inform you, it is meant to confuse you and make you think that President Trump is doing a bad job as president when, in reality, he has been quite successful.

The job of a news station is to present the news. Not opinions about it or an anchor’s editorialized take on what happened. No, a news station has to report the facts and only the facts. That’s its responsibility to the public; to present unbiased information. CNN not doing that is the reason why CNN is fake news.

I really couldn’t care less about what lies they spew in their opinion segments. Sure, I think that it’s almost entirely anti-American garbage, but if those are their opinions, then so be it. Because of the first amendment, they have a right to say what they want and we should defend free speech.

However, when CNN claims to be presenting the news but instead just follows its Trump Derangement Syndrome and attacks Trump, that’s a problem. Millions of Americans (stupidly) tune into CNN to watch the news each day. If the leftist propaganda is presented as fact, then they’re much more likely to believe it and then hate Trump or Republicans for things that didn’t even happen!

If you read Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart or Politics is a Joke, then you’ll see that cable TV and most online news sites are overwhelmingly biased against conservatives. That is why, I think, they’re losing viewers and going the way of the dodo. Many Americans are waking up to the fact that CNN is fake news and, therefore, don’t have any inclination to watch it. Those who are doing so are making a very wise decision.

CNN is fake news. Don’t watch or read it. You’ll be left with less information than you began with! It is your job to be an informed citizen, yes. But being informed means reading real sources and knowing what it actually going on. So avoid CNN because CNN is fake news. Read the Wall Street Journal instead.

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But many Americans don’t get that CNN is fake news, despite its obvious lies about topics from foreign and domestic policy to the Hunter Biden emails. They think it is an honest news outlet. And that’s a major problem for America. Despite the fact that traditional news isn’t as important as it used to be, CNN is still hugely influential. It’s the default news station at every airport, many gyms, and most waiting rooms.

People listen to CNN, so they need to know that it is ridiculously fake news that can’t be trusted and is part of the media problem that is plaguing America. Otherwise, we’ll have ever-growing numbers of misinformed Americans that have been confused about leftist lies, especially lies about contentious topics like George Floyd’s death and the Trump Administration.

Right now, we conservatives need to start standing up for our country and trying to make the news sources commit to the truth. It is bad enough. We could do without the media’s lies.

And no station lies more than CNN, which is why I am fully comfortable saying that CNN is fake news. You see, the difference between it and the other liberal news sources, such as MSNBC, CNBC, and the others, is that CNN pretends to be telling the truth and to be an objective source. it is not. It is a source of lies, deceit, and propaganda against President Donald Trump.

And, if you do not believe me that CNN is fake news, just read what President Trump had to say about it:

“Your organization’s terrible. … You are fake news.”

Yup, that is it. Short and succinct. Not because there is little to complain about, there is an incredible amount of evidence that CNN is fake news and deliberately lies to Americans, but because it is the truth and needs no further explanation. The truth is that CNN is spreading lies. Remember that and make sure to let other patriots know the facts about CNN by sharing this article!

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