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CNN Host Says He Finds President Joe “Let’s Go Brandon” Biden’s Low Approval Ratings “Puzzling”

I have to admit, for months now, I’ve been wondering how cable news hosts come up with content each evening now that Trump is out of office and their guy is in the White House doing a terrible job.

I mean, what’s it like prepping for a show?

There’s no readily accessible supply of triggers from the Trump Twitter feed to get hysterical about to cover for Democratic corruption and climbing crime rates.

President Joe Biden’s administration has had a long series of disasters and failures from the migrant crisis to Afghanistan to his failed plan to “shut down” the pandemic and now, even his massively expensive and wildly progressive social spending bill is dead in the waters after a single Democratic senator refused to sign on to the terrible legislation.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who was selected as Biden’s running mate on the sole basis that she was a woman and a woman of color, is the last popular veep in U.S. history, and Biden himself is experiencing some unfavorably low approval ratings himself as the administration appears to continuously fall into utter dysfunction and failure.

The public is incredibly frustrated with either:

  1. a) the fact that Joe Biden is president and is destroying our economy, worsening the border crisis, violating medical freedom, worsening the pandemic, and perpetuating his legacy as an utter and complete disgrace to our nation and everything it stands for or
  2. b) the fact that Joe Biden can’t even get the wildly radical platform he ran on passed and has generally let down everyone who voted for him, from the moderate wanting a “return to normalcy” to the wild radical who wants to turn our country into the largest progressive social experiment the world has ever known.

In short, it’s a mess.

Yet CNN host Fareed Zakaria just can’t fathom why on earth Americans aren’t happy with Biden.

“I have to confess I find Joe Biden’s unpopularity puzzling,” the earnest propaganda peddler said on his program last week. “He’s rounding out his first year in the White House with the lowest end-of-first-year approval ratings of any elected President in modern times with the exception of Donald Trump.”

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“Why is this?” he asked. “Biden is a genial, likable person. Many of the policies he’s pursued have been popular, even some with Republican support. The country is doing reasonably well economically.”

Oh, well, now that you put it that way.

He’s nice and got some RINOs to back him up.

Gee, I wonder why Americans aren’t delighted with his presidency?

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that his son has a clearly crooked career “selling paintings” after a long history of being accused of influence peddling overseas, including in communist China.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the rising prices at the gas pumps that Americans of all political persuasions use to fill up, nor the supply chain crisis that’s causing prices to rise at the grocery store and holding up Christmas presents and other goods this holiday season.

It’s certainly not the terrible border crisis, that is empowering violent Mexican cartels, putting hundreds of thousands of migrants at risk, and flooding small town USA with displaced people.

Americans certainly couldn’t care less about the spiking crime rates, nor the insane indoctrination in the schools, or the woke-ification of the armed forces.

And certainly not the threats and coercion to take a novel, experimental vaccination so we don’t lose our jobs and livelihoods.


Sure is puzzling.

H/T Media Research Center

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather