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Uh-Oh for Hillary: Clinton in Big Trouble as Her “Safety Net” Disappears

How have Bill and Hillary Clinton avoided prosecution for so long?

Bill was…well, he can’t keep his pants on and was friends with Epstein, both of which aren’t good qualities if you don’t like the look of a jail cell. Hillary had the whole email thing, the Benghazi massacre, and now this whole “spying on Trump while he was president” thing. Both were involved with the Whitewater scandal and other less than above board situations.

But despite all that, both remain free and clear of any jail cell. Unlike their political enemies, many of whom go the way of the dodo (Epstein) or get caught up in some sort of undeserved trouble (Trump), the dynamic duo has managed to skate out of many a situation that others would have gotten bogged down in. Why?

Because they’re rich leftists, of course! Were they poor leftists, like the crack addicts Brandon wanted to hand Hunter’s crack pipe to, they probably would have been locked up by now. Rape, flagrant violations of law, and getting Americans killed in Libya don’t typically pan out well for normal people. We peons have to “obey the law” or we “face the consequences.” Rich ones like Epstein and the Clintons skate out of it.

But, were the second part not also true, were they not leftists, well that wouldn’t go well either. Remember all the people attacked by Obama’s IRS? Remember the year that seems like a decade ago when Trump was president for one term and faced two impeachments and countless lawsuits? That happened because they were Republicans; deplorables can’t slip off the law enforcement hook in the same way that Democrats can.

BUT, and this is a major “but,” that only works so long as you’re in the left’s good graces. To slip away, you need the covering fire of the media, Democratic reps, and the vast mob of dispossessed leftists that always has time to protest and never seems to work. Without those tools of the trade, well, you might as well be a Republican!

And Hillary is falling out of the good graces of the left. As Wayne Dupree puts it:

That net includes the fact that she’s such always been a powerful person and she and Bill held such high positions within the government. They were also “mover and shakers” in the Dem Party And Hillary had the support of the base. But times they are a-changin’ and Hillary’s biggest safety net – the Democrat voters – just broke.

After all the big bombshell reports that came out over the weekend about Hillary’s campaign actually paying teams to spy on President Trump, a majority of Democrats are now saying they want Hillary Clinton investigated for “Russiagate.”

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Yes, you heard that right… Dems want her investigated.

Those comments are based on a recent poll that found that nearly three out of four Americans following the Durham story think it’s important prosecutors investigate Clinton for her role in the Russiagate scandal along with her top campaign advisers. 

Yes, really. According to the NYP, nearly 75% of America wants Clinton investigated. Her shield, her safety net, is gone; she committed one crime too many.

Without all the Democratic firepower and support, Hillary might as well be you or me. She needs it to stay out of jail and, without the vast blob of Democrat public opinion on her side, she’s up a creek without a paddle. As Durham starts indicting the people involved with Russiagate, keep a close eye on Hillary: the magic barrier keeping her out of jail might have just disappeared.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.