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Climate Change Lies

My Take on the Climate Change Lies exposed by Glacier National Park:

The left is constantly bombarding us with climate change lies. Instead of presenting well researched and verified facts, they rely on half-truths and gross exaggerations to make their points. First, sea levels were supposed to rise dramatically and drown us all. Then, they said all of the polar bears would die. After that, we had to make huge sacrifices to reign in carbon output. Most recently, AOC said that the world will end in 12 years because of climate change. All of those supposed facts are just climate change lies.

The world isn’t going to end in 12 years because of climate change. Most of the upcoming “disasters” that climate change alarmists warn about are events that are the worst case scenario if climate change was far worse than it currently is. For example, realistic estimates put the worst case of global warming at a 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature by 2100. However, many of the upcoming disasters cited would only happen if temperatures rose by far more than that. The envisioned scenarios simply aren’t realistic.

We should take care of the environment. It is incredibly sad to see ocean animals dying from plastic in the oceans, or to see animals starving because their habitat was destroyed. But those are not American problems. With a few exceptions, we do an excellent job of taking care of the environment. In fact, almost all of the plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean comes from a few small, Southeast Asian countries that continue to dump plastic in the ocean. Many other poor countries do the same. If we want to fix environmental problems, we should help nations quickly develop. That will be infinitely more effective than climate agreements like the ridiculous Paris climate agreement.

As the meme shows, climate change isn’t really a problem. The Earth has natural heating and cooling cycles, it will survive small temperature increases. In fact, many parts of the world seem to be cooling down. Don’t believe the climate change lies from climate alarmists, the world will be just fine. We just need to be responsible.

By: Gen Z Conservative