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Climate Change is the Excuse for Tyranny

I was listening to a pro-immigration speaker the other day and his premise was that the people breaking into our country were justified in doing so because America was responsible for climate change; no other country or factors were mentioned, just us.

Climate change itself is a dubious premise but more on that later.

The fact that China burns 3 times as much coal as America with no environmental controls, has billions more people consuming vastly more oxygen and expelling untold tons of carbon dioxide (you know, the stuff that makes plants grow, but more on that later) buys up American farmland and processing facilities even faster than Bill Gates wasn’t brought up by this speaker. Only America. I want to scream “America is the SOLUTION, not the problem. America had a water pollution problem, famously the Monongahela River in Pennsylvania caught on fire, The Hudson River in NY, Detroit River, Lake Erie, the Skies over LA. All were polluted beyond what humans can endure but are, if not in good shape, on the mend.

People make pollution, no way around it; not just water and air pollution but waste, garbage, packaging from all the things we produce and sell, human waste from the products we eat and drink, from the animals we raise for food and our pets.

Everything that lives makes waste. Some waste is beneficial. Carbon dioxide, our waste from breathing, is what plants breathe in. We use animal manure to fertilize plants (sans Monsanto), algae growing in the water can be designed to eat oil, wood chips make great secondary wood products, bedding for pet avian and rodents, products ad infinitum and America has turned one of our biggest waste problems, plastic bottles, into wood replacement products under the tradename TREX.

America isn’t the only good actor on the world stage but America used to be the can do nation; we used to look for problems to solve and frontiers to conquer. Now, it seems our only frontier is how many genders can we think up and problems aren’t solved but created out of whole cloth.

We in America, a country ‘discovered’ by Europeans whether it be Christopher Columbus, Eric the Red, or some unnamed Peloponnesian sailors whose names are lost to history, WE, an advanced culture came upon a ‘lost continent’ inhabited by tribes of people (a little more than 200 tribes by best count) who didn’t have the wheel, advanced weapons, a calendar or a common language. By contrast, the civilizations that the Egyptians conquered 2500 years earlier had all of those.

Just as every civilization succeeded the one before, through overtly superior technology of one kind or another or by assimilation the fact remains that from the time of Cain and Able or the first hominid to pick an object to use as a tool, one set of ideas have usurped another.

We see it now when the idea that if you do something that hurts someone else’s feelings that society and/or Big Brother can punish the person causing the offense and reward the aggrieved. No proof necessary only the loudest whine is considered in the trial.

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On the other side of that if a group of people, in this case the group determined by skin color, think that something unjust has been done to one of their tribe, that it is ok to cause riots, to burn, to loot, and to destroy even if it turns out that the offense was justified. In other words, if anything is done to one of their tribe they can cause mayhem against society.

People who justly defend their property are vilified by the authorities, men and women who are sworn to protect all property rights vilify, not the looter but the people being looted. I personally don’t think that this is driven by any dynamic between groups except a group that hates American ideals and wants to destroy them. The group of Globalists that was put on the backbench with the founding of America.

Globalists have a patient, multi-generational, pervasive agenda to rule over society.

Globalists come in all shapes and sizes from single family, Rothschilds, DeBeers; Unions of single families such as ‘Club of Rome’ which joined the Morgenthau and Rockefeller Banking families; and more modern ones such as The Clinton Foundation and Gates Foundation. Conspiracy theories abound and you can find countless arguments for and against any of these groups BUT what they all have in common is a cohesive world vision, either alone or separately, I don’t know which, to govern the world under one ‘flag’.

As I mentioned before there were many conquerors, Kingdoms, Empires, Bond Villains, Pinky, and the Brain down through history who have tried this before. Some of the groups I’ve mentioned probably have connections to old Orders like the Masons’, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Skull and Bones. I have no wish to denigrate any of these organizations but, at one time or another, they have claimed to be a pathway to a new type of ruling order. Now we have ‘The New World Order,’ which is not really original.

Currently, we are dealing with a group or collection of groups or worldwide communism or maybe just another rich guy with a Napoleon Complex like George Soros, that wants to take individual freedom away from Americans and we are letting them. They have worked long-term with unions, especially the teachers’ unions, to change our society from one that recognized that individual freedom was not only a good thing, but the best thing for mankind. That rule from above as in Kingship or Communism was anathema to individual freedom and ultimately fatal to human flourishing, no matter how much free stuff they gave you.

Property Rights are the most important of the pillars of a free society, our thoughts are our property, and being able to express those freely without censorship is paramount. Yet, we are being denied ours so that the Democrats can fix the system to be governed by one set of thoughts forever. Property rights are the premier target of Marxism, Climate Terrorism, Agenda 21/2030, and the Green New Deal.  I list them like that because that is the chronology of the Anti-property rights society.

People think that Marx wanted to fix the system he lived in to make it fairer, but he really wanted to tear everything society had been built on out, root and branch (Road to Despotism by Dr. Paul Kengor) and start a new system where State control determined every action or paradigm that everyone was subject to. Actually, it started long, long before when the first ‘sovereign’ told a simple farmer that he would have to give up his crops as either tribute or for protection, and the farmer surrendered the fruits of his labor to that despot. It is in no right to bully someone out of their property and in the same vein, it is in no way justice to force someone to give up their freedom of speech because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

The Americans that emerged from the Revolutionary War, to free themselves from colonialism, lived, fought, and died to bring forth a nation conceived in liberty and justice for the people who lived in and obeyed the rules of the nation.

Nobody ever claimed they had done that to conquer the world but rather claimed that in this new nation under God that those principles would be the guiding light and a beacon for other peoples to follow. It didn’t claim perfection but a set of principles that would allow freedom to flourish. No other nation since Ancient Greece had even attempted this. Every other set up from the hordes of Vandals that sacked Rome, to the feudal Kings, including the most enlightened Richard to all the Monarchs of Spain, France, and England ruled from above.

All until a group of enlightened men, disparate of background, mostly English but from widely different upbringings, different stations in life with different political and theological beliefs decided that if they were able to throw off the chains of royalty that ruled over them, that they would form a new kind of rule. A set of laws, codified as the Magna Carter had been but laws that protected everyone equally. A set of laws grounded in morality. They were enlightened but still encased in the old world of class and of caste.

Today we argue whether these men should have been forward-thinking enough to include a class of men that had been enslaved for hundreds of years, within the legacy of men that had been enslaved for thousands of years. If they shouldn’t have included these men more fully into their society and ideal of freedom. If you read their writings from those times ( Vindicating the Founders: Document Library: Five Founders on Slavery ) you will see that they struggled mightily with these issues but they were principally engaged with disengaging themselves from the rule of the King of England, ruler of the most powerful empire on Earth at the time. And which, had they failed to win that battle they would have all been hanged.

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But whether or not they lived up to your particular standard, they gave us the freedom to argue about these matters 240 years later. True we had to fight another war to give all Americans the same freedoms, but the groundwork had been laid next to the backdrop of winning a war against the most powerful empire on the planet.

Now in modern times, Americans allow ourselves to be distracted by trying to be too inclusive. We set up a liberal fair and reasonable immigration policy, fair to the immigrants in number and in kind but then we try to be fair to the employers who benefit from the new labor in putting aside taxing and habitation laws letting the employers pay cash so there is no banking or tax withholding necessary.

The workers reside more in a dwelling than the local codes permit, this way they can make enough to send money back home to families left behind in hopes they can pay coyotes to bring across the border starting the process all over. After that, if they have children on American soil, the taxpaying American is on the hook again for not only welfare, but also CPS because a lot of these children wind up in the system.

We try to be fair to the welfare of the new citizens to be (soon to be Democrat voters) by giving them free food, free housing, free healthcare… etc. Who we are not fair to is the American citizens, the hard-working men and women who have the dubious honor of getting to pay for everyone’s benefits. We get competition for our jobs, we get new neighbors who think it is their right, as citizens to be obnoxious to all the females they meet, to stay up to all hours of the morning, telling jokes in Spanish, drinking cerveza, and playing Mexican drinking songs at maximum volume, oh and we get to pay for the privilege in the form of higher taxes and more traffic. Sometimes we get drug dealers and human traffickers keeping tabs on their investments, sometimes gunfights or getting threatened by robbers. But if you complain you get called a racist by our betters on Capitol Hill.

Back to Climate change.

The theory of Climate change itself is a dubious premise, but it is stated as fact by people as diverse as Greta Thunberg and Ben Shapiro. I can come up with as many studies showing that the climate changes, regardless of human activity, and the fact that our weather was somewhat stable since recordkeeping began, in 1847, is the anomaly. Add to that, the solutions proposed i.e. wind and solar, use materials that are so dirty and environmentally UN-friendly it makes coal mining look clean by comparison. We try to offshore the mining and refining to countries like China, Chili, Australia to name a few.

These unreliable power generating methods produce electricity that powers everything from Teslas to trash compactors, but don’t produce electricity on a consistent basis. Battery storage is not viable even into the foreseeable future. So you are stuck with a VERY inefficient hybrid system of having to keep coal or preferably natural gas to be online when needed which is very costly to do, more so than just running the plants without the ‘free’ energy. My favorite resource concerning the dubious  and thoroughly overhyped claims of global warming is Marc Morano’s “Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming.”

The measurements used to promote global warming theory is mostly taken on the surface and a lot of the time near heat islands in urban and suburban settings. A much more comprehensive and accurate data measurement is done from space. The climate models are taken from the inaccurate data and presented as fact, models are not facts.

The people who are so adamant about these solutions, I will call them the Green Hats, think that by going on without mandated Green hat favored technologies, wind and solar we will make the Earth uninhabitable when nothing could be further from the truth. Wind and solar are economy destroying technologies because they aren’t constant and actually require more energy to build and maintain and link to the required baseline power and merge into existing power flow. The miniscule rise in temperature they are predicting, 3 degrees in 100 years, would be offset by technological advances in that time, possibly sunlight deflecting/absorbing satellites, that could be used to mitigate solar flares.

So destroying the economy of the globe to shut up doddering old globalist Al Gore (who by the way doesn’t practice what he preaches Two mansions one on the coast, that consume about 20 times as much energy as the normal house, each. And jets all over the world.) and screaming Harpy Greta Thunberg does not only not make sense it sets us in the wrong direction, not progressive as the left is always claiming to be but regressing into windmills and solar radiation capture just with newer technology.

Most of the time the graphs that are used to promote there assertions are taken in a small sampling of the overall temperature measurement data, the famous ‘hockey stick’ graph is an example of this. Geologist Robert Giegengack of the University of Pennsylvania describes Michael Mann’s Hockey stick model like this: He completely missed the Medieval Warm Phase which lasted approximately 300 years and the subsequent Little Ice Age which lasted 450  to 550 years “He’s not combining apples and oranges he’s combining apples and elephants and joining them on the same plot”. These Global Warming Alarmist Scientist are paid many multiples of the money paid to ‘warming deniers’ studies to find reasons to be alarmed about ‘climate change;’ it is a much more profitable position to hold.

The globalists decrying Americans’ lack of sympathy for the wretches of the world forget that our country has done more to reduce economic inequity and pull millions more out of the brutal poverty that these globalists are willing to subject everyone to (except themselves), without the beacon of hope from the US. The Globalists gaslight Americans saying repeatedly that we are denying the rest of the world the benefits of being Americans and we are not. America as a nation has constantly tried to convince the world to do things that promote success. Sustainable agriculture, reasoned population growth, free markets. Venezuela was a model of success until communism took over the government and within 30 years the people are eating their pets.

America has been led so astray by Globalist propaganda and infiltration into our mechanisms of economy and government it may not be possible to save us. Like taking little bites, single slices off a long brick of cheese, we have sold our freedoms and our God given rights to people who have given us in return moving images and a slavery of the mind, where it is so easy to find information but we get our opinions from people blaring to us from the screen.

Welcome to 1984.

By: David Gignac. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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