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A Conservative Opinion about Climate Change

My Conservative Opinion on Climate Change:

I was recently asked what conservatives think about climate change? Do we think the world is ending? What should be done about pollution and climate change? While I only speak for myself, I think the answer I crafted is a pretty good summary of what Gen Z Conservatives think about the climate change “crisis.”

My Opinion:

I’m a conservative and I can say that other than perhaps a few madmen that want to use nuclear weapons, no one on the political right wants to destroy the planet. We just don’t think that the climate is changing at anywhere near as rapid of a pace as most climate alarmists say it is.

Like who honestly believes the world is going to end in 11 years? Seriously?

Yes, pollution is bad for the environment and smog is bad for cities. both of those problems can have serious economic consequences, as Milton Friedman discussed in Capitalism and Freedom. Pretty much everyone on the right accepts that. But those are cured mainly through increasing prosperity through building and modernizing industry. Not through implementing ridiculous Federal programs, banning fossil fuels or taxing their extractors or users into oblivion.

Additionally, There are free-market solutions to the limited climate change that is happening. Those free-market solutions are often cheaper and better than government solutions. Leftists just seem unwilling to accept them because those solutions don’t involve new taxes or expanding the size of the government.

Finally, just look at what the media says about pollution and climate change… Supposedly, we only have 11 years before the world ends, all the glaciers are melting, plastic straws are destroying the oceans, and the entire Amazon rain forest is burning down.

Every one of those supposed facts are just climate change lies. The world is doing just fine and isn’t going to burn up any time soon. In fact, the increased CO2 levels are making farmland about 16% more productive, which could actually help with land preservation and cutting down pollution.

Glaciers aren’t melting, only very limited areas are breaking off in the Arctic and Antarctic. In most other areas, glaciers are actually getting bigger. And plastic straws make up less than .1% of plastic in the oceans…plastic straws aren’t responsible for the pollution problem.

We should focus on South East Asia if we want to stop plastic pollution of the oceans. The US has already done its part. And the Amazon isn’t burning into oblivion. This year’s fires were smaller than last year.

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So the right doesn’t want to destroy the world. We just understand the importance of economic growth and don’t want to destroy the economy to solve mostly imaginary problems. And we especially don’t want to do it through failure-prone, Big Government solutions.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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