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CIA Involvement? It Wasn’t Just Team Hillary Spying on Trump…

Note: All claims made in this article are alleged. Durham has only filed court documents, nothing has been proven, so whenever I say “Joffe did..” or some variation, remember that that’s only an allegation, albeit one supported by a special counsel.

Durham recently unleashed a maelstrom of anti-Clinton news when he filed a court document claiming that a Clinton and Clinton Campaign-associated contractor named Rodney Joffe, gained access to and exploited data from the Executive Office of the President. In other words, a contractor tied to Clinton spied on Trump while he was in office. That’s shocking and highly problematic.

But, while jaw-droppingly bad, it’s still just the tip of the iceberg; there’s a lot more there. As the Reactionary reports, Joffe was only able to obtain that data because of an arrangement he had with key players within the government:

Joffe and his associates exploited internet data from “the Executive Office of the President of the United States” to further their own political agenda and damage President Trump. They had come to possess this data as part of a “sensitive arrangement” with the U.S. government.

And then who did he (allegedly) hand the information off to once he obtained data from some sketchy group within the government? A guy named Sussmann, a lawyer tied to Clinton who was key to Durham’s big bombshell. But Sussmann the sketchy lawyer then (allegedly) handed it off too…the CIA. Again according to the Reactionary and cited Durham documents:

This was repackaged with the Alfa Bank hoax and given to Sussmann, who then laundered it to the CIA on February 9, 2017…Sussmann alleged to the CIA that the data showed “that Trump and/or his associates were using supposedly rare, Russian-made wireless phones in the vicinity of the White House and other locations.” Durham “identified no support for these allegations.”

In other words, Joffe collected data and handed it so Sussmann, who then worked with the CIA to spread vicious, wholly untrue (according to Durham) allegations that Trump was a Russian agent.

Joffe, in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, actually confirmed the CIA allegation, saying:

there were serious and legitimate national security concerns about Russian attempts to infiltrate the 2016 election” and that “respected cyber-security researchers were deeply concerned about the anomalies they found in the data and prepared a report of their findings, which was subsequently shared with the CIA.”

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So, to sum all the relevant pieces up so far, there was a sketchy tech contractor who worked with similarly, shall we say “less than aboveboard” people within the government to spy on Trump, both before and during the early days of his presidency. Then, after collecting that data, it got washed and sent off to a spy agency that is not allowed to spy on US soil. But apparently that safeguard didn’t apply in the case of the bad orange man.

But still, it gets worse. The Reactionary has a part 2 to his awesome expose and alleges this:

According to Durham, Joffe and his associates manipulated that data to make it seem like Trump, and those in Trump’s world, had suspicious interactions with internet protocol (IP) addresses affiliated with a Russian mobile phone provider. They then combined those allegations with the Alfa Bank hoax materials (the subject of Sussmann’s Fall 2016 meeting with then-FBI General Counsel James Baker).

This damaging information, purporting to demonstrate at least circumstantial evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, was presented on February 9, 2017 to what Durham describes as U.S. Government “Agency-2.”

That agency was the CIA. We know for sure that Sussmann met with the CIA General Counsel. We learned in January 2022 that, if Sussmann is to be believed, there were two other CIA employees at that meeting.

In other words, a Clinton supporting contractor (Joffe) obtained sensitive information (perhaps unlawfully) about the Office of the President of the United States (Trump), manipulated the information, passed it to a DNC/Clinton lawyer (Sussmann), who then delivered it to the CIA.

Condense the steps, laundering, and B-movie handoffs to a compressed storyline, and what you essentially have is a contractor spying on a sitting president on behalf of the CIA, which then used the information to smear the president as a Russian asset.

That’s illegal, detestable, and utterly inexcusable. An intelligence agency prohibited from conducting domestic operations was (allegedly) spying on and smearing a sitting president. And they accuse Trump of launching a coup because a guy with a buffalo hat walked around the Capitol. If that’s a coup, what’s it called when an intelligence agency undermines the sitting president?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.