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Biden’s DNI General Counsel Pick, Christopher Fonzone, Used to Work for Chinese Entities

According to Just the News, Christopher Fonzone, Biden’s nominee to serve as general counsel for Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, used to work for China.

More specifically, Mr. Fonzone, as former NSC legal advisor, at one point worked as a partner at a law firm named Sidley Austin. While a partner at that firm, Mr. Fonzone did some work for Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant, and other work “pertaining to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.”

The Huawei work “involved answering questions regarding how American administrative law works” and no other details are given regarding his work for the CCP’s Ministry of Commerce in the article, but his Select Committee on Intelligence questionnaire states that “In 2018, Sidley Austin LLP filed an amicus brief and argued in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in Animal Science Products, Inc. v. Hebei Welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. My sole involvement was participation in a moot court to prepare other advocates for the argument.”

According to CNBC, Mr. Fonzone did less than 50 hours of work for both entities.

However, the amount of work isn’t what should matter, but rather the fact itself that this man was willing to work for the Red Chinese is what should matter. As Sen. Rubio stated:

“Any nominee who is up for a key national security post and comes from a law firm or other entity that performs work for the Chinese Communist Party or a Chinese state-directed entity like Huawei requires extra scrutiny. Mr. Fonzone’s work on behalf of Huawei and China’s Ministry of Commerce may have been technical in nature but it raises serious questions about his judgment and decision making, especially considering his previous national security roles in government. His evasiveness and unwillingness to answer direct questions on the real nature of the Chinese threat is disqualifying, especially given the importance of the position President Biden has nominated him to fill. Moving forward, I hope those that wish to enter or return to public service will think more carefully about working on behalf of clients who exploit our legal system in an effort to weaken and ultimately replace America on the world stage.”

It’s sad that so many Americans are taking money from our enemies. There’s the Hunter Biden scandal. Former General Mattis is financially connected to Red China. An Alabama State Senator is probably in the pocket of the Confucius Institute. Sen. Ossoff of GA took money from the CCP for his movie company. The CCP has bought huge levels of influence across America.

Luckily, it appears we caught Mr. Fonzone in time. Regardless of his success in reaching his position, at least his connections to the CCP are known and he can be watched with hawk-like eyes.

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