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Chinese Lies Killed the Economy. Remember that and Hold the CCP Responsible


What will you remember about the Chinese flu pandemic in a decade? That you were bored, stuck at home every day? Or maybe that you were forced out of work and into economic hard times because some petty tyrant in your state bureaucracy decided your small business wasn’t essential? Those memories are fair and certainly important, especially the second, but they’re not the most important fact to remember about the Chinese flu. No, what you must remember more than anything else is that Chinese lies killed the economy.

China lied and people died. That’s just what happened. And, because they lied and the WHO supported their lies, we in the West were unprepared for what actually was coming. Then, because we were caught unaware of the reality of the situation, our government overreacted and shut down the economy. So, I think it’s fair to say that Chinese lies killed the economy.

Sadly, few in the pro-Democrat Mainstream Media are willing to say that Chinese lies killed the economy. They’re scared to do so. But, we don’t have to rely on them. We can instead rely on real journalism and conservative op-eds from groups like the American Conservative Movement and news sites like the American Conservative. One such article, written by Barbara Boland and entitled “How China’s Lies Brought the World to Its Knees,” calls out China excellently.

Summary of How Chinese Lies Killed the Economy

First, Boland notes that Chinese lies killed the economy only because Chinese government officials did everything possible to cover up the Chinese flu and hide it’s effect from the world. She also notes how those lies will have a huge impact on geopolitics because people will have a far different view of globalization due to both the disease and how China has threatened to stop selling pharmaceuticals.

Next, Boland describes how China lied about the virus and covered it up by arresting whistleblowing doctors, censoring online news, holding a massive banquet despite the disease, and disappearing everyone from doctors to journalists that spoke about the disease.

Then, Boland notes that because of globalization, American companies were based in China and China was able to nationalize those factories and use their products to further weaken America. We can’t produce the equipment we need because all of our companies have set up shop in Red China.

Finally, Boland summarizes just how Chinese lies killed the economy and therefore China must be held to account for that:

“By suppressing critical information about the virus in those early days, then doing very little to contain the virus by permitting public gatherings like the New Years celebration, the government of China has allowed the coronavirus to menace not just its own people but the entire world. Once COVID-19 is contained, they must face a reckoning.”

From: How China’s Lies Brought the World to Its Knees

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My Take on How Chinese Lies Killed the Economy

I think that Boland summed up the problem just about as well as is possible. There are really two problems here: our reliance on China and that Chinese lies killed the economy.

First off, for America, this crisis is a crisis of globalization. Yes, we’d still be feeling the effects if we weren’t so globalized, but those effects would be nowhere near as devastating. With our nations here, no foreign government could nationalize them and use their products against us, health factors somewhere else wouldn’t take a heavy toll on our industry, and we wouldn’t be stuck relying on honest information and goodwill from an evil, secluded regime.

As long as our companies build needed goods in China, America will be vulnerable. As long as they’re building cheap goods, like toys and TVs, it doesn’t rely matter. We can do without those things. In fact, we’d probably be better off without them because people would get back to exercising and reading.

But if vital pharmaceutical and industrial supplies are produced over there, then we will remain at risk of again having to publish that Chinese lies killed the economy. Is it worth it? Certainly not. Get our production out of China now so that events like this don’t happen again and lead to similarly destructive riots once Americans are impoverished!

The second, and more specific problem, is that Chinese lies killed the economy. Not a worldwide problem. Not mutual misunderstandings. Hell, not even the disease itself is really responsible. No, Chinese lies killed the economy. Exclusively. They’re liable and responsible. We need to remember that.

America is in a new Cold War with China. We might need to bring back privateers to defeat them. We’re in an open information war with them. They steal our technology. There is no reason that we should be so closely intertwined with such an awful, horrible nation.


Don’t forget that Chinese lies killed the economy. They did this to us, no one else. Whether the Chinese flu came from a peasant eating a bat or a high-tech but shoddily run weapons lab in Wuhan doesn’t matter. What does matter, in this case at least, is that China lied and people died. Remember that and use it as a fact as you help other conservatives fight the new Cold War against China, an evil nation that we must defeat.

Whatever the Democrats say, do not believe their lies, most of which are based around their Orwellian rewriting of our language. Chinese lies killed the economy, as did Democrat-induced shutdowns. Nothing else. Not Trump, not Republicans, and certainly not going outside without a mask. Share this article so that other Americans remember that Chinese lies killed the economy and temporarily reversed President Trump’s economic gains!

By: Gen Z Conservative