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China Owns America: The Shameful Auctioning Off of America’s Power

It’s Becoming Increasingly Evident: China Owns America

A deep sense of malaise seems to have settled over America. Our politicians, from Biden at the top to lowly state-level bureaucrats like Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensberger, are corrupt and sneer at us plebes for pointing to their corruption as evidence that they’re not our betters and that China owns America and its politicians. The media lies to us. The tech companies censor us and stop the free flow of information. Our businesses aren’t what they used to be and our “culture,” if it can even be called that anymore, is an amalgamation of poorly made reruns and vulgar songs.

From where do those troubles stem? Well, on one level, it’s simply that, thanks to Covid, we’ve had to put up with even more government incompetence than usual. Every level of American life, from the business world to dinner inside your own home, has been intruded upon by hypocritical agents of the state. Unsurprisingly, they’ve done a poor job of “helping out” and have instead just made life worse and harder for everyone.

But that’s not the only reason life in America seems to be getting worse. It’s not just that the government is incompetent. That is, like Senator Graham’s recent betrayal of conservatism, disappointing but not unsurprising.

The bitter reason things in America seem to be going downhill so quickly and frightfully is that America isn’t owned by Americans anymore. Instead, America is owned by China, and we’re finally starting to feel the talons of the Chinese dragon sink into us.

Each of the issues mentioned above, from government corruption to media lies, relates to the fact that China owns America. In this article, I’ll explain why that’s the case and why it is making Americans worse off.

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Issue 1: America’s Corrupt Politicians are Owned by the Chinese

This aspect of the American decline is like shooting fish in a barrel. Politicians and government officials have been bought off by China, and Americans are waking up to the fact.

Joe Biden is owned by China, as we saw in the Hunter Biden emails and the information about the Biden Crime Family contained in them. His son’s business relationships withing the CCP show that Sleepy Joe has been compromised and cannot be trusted to defend America’s interests against the Red Chinese. His son received a precious jewel and huge sums of money from the CCP, numerous relatives of his were allowed to use a credit card that was paid for by the CCP, and Hunter’s company received millions from China. China owns the Biden family and that is highly distressing.

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Next up are many of the most outspoken Democrats. Eric Swalwell, the feeble-minded Congressman from California that remained on the “Russian collusion” bandwagon long after it crashed, was colluding and copulating with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang. Senator Diane Feinstein employed a Chinese spy. Former General Mattis is involved at a high level with an investment firm that invests mainly in Chinese state-owned enterprises; that’s right, one of our top military leaders is financially benefitting from building up businesses owned by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

And it’s not just the top level, not is it just the Democrats. As the Daily Best reported in 2018, former politicians, ambassadors, and policy wonks from D.C. are now lobbying for China. John Boehner, James Wolfensohn, Matt Salmon, and many others are paid to represent the Chinese state’s interests in America. They’ve sold their souls to the Red Chinese.

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Issue 2: The Media Lies

Did you know that Disney filmed Mulan in Xinjiang, the province of China where over a million Uighurs are interned in concentration camps and have had a multitude of atrocities and indignities inflicted upon them? Did you know that the NBA allowed its Chinese employees to abuse children at its training facilities? Or that China steals billions of dollars of US intellectual property each year? Or that its military is designed to kill Americans? How about that it broke its “One state-two systems” agreement with Hong Kong and has jailed journalists and pro-freedom demonstrators on that island, turning a beacon of freedom and good governance into a totalitarian hellhole?

No? Well that’s because the media doesn’t just lie about Trump and the election. The mainstream media, especially the leftist sites like MSNBC and CNN, regularly covers for China and doesn’t let the American populace know about its horrendous actions. It’s un-American actions and outlook shows that China owns America, especially the problematic American media.

They are doing so because they want to “penetrate the Chinese markets,” as the C-suite globalists say. They value a few more viewers over defending freedom from the clutches of Asia’s evil empire.

Don’t trust the media and its fawning coverage of the CCP. It’s lying to you, denigrating America and defending the totalitarian government of mainland China, just to boost viewership by a few percentage points.

Issue 3: Big Tech Censorship

Remember when Twitter and Facebook censored the New York Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden? Have you been shadowbanned on Twitter or randomly had your account suspended or censored? Well, that’s because Big Tech, the enemy of freedom, is censoring conservative viewpoints.

Social media censorship is happening not just because those companies are run by leftists that wanted to help Joe Biden. It’s also because they’re in bed with and emulating China, adding further proof that China owns America.

Google created a search engine called “Firefly” to help Chinese censors mislead and misinform their hostage populace. Facebook is working on a censored version of its product for China. Twitter allows the governments of rogue nations like China to build Twitter accounts while it censors and silences the President of the United States.

Those companies don’t care about liberty, America, or free speech. If they did, then they wouldn’t bend to China’s wishes. Instead, they’d stand for free speech and the American way and kick off the accounts representing the governments of tyrannical nations while working to give complete access to the oppressed citizens of China.

But that’s obviously not what they’re doing. Like the media companies, they’re only interested in accessing the Chinese market, even if that means helping the CCP oppress the Chinese people.

Yet worse, they’ve taken a page out of their Chinese benefactor’s playbook and are censoring Americans, often to China’s benefit. Like Xi’s state police, Twitter and Facebook use their power and the lack of accountability that currently exists to crackdown on any speech they dislike. China owns America in the tech field not just because the tech businesses want to do business with China, but also because they prefer the Chinese model to the American one. They’d rather have an enforced consensus than a tempestuous sea of debate and accountability. They prefer totalitarianism to liberty.

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Issue 4: The Decline of American Business

In Wry Martinis, Christopher Buckley remarked that at America’s peak, our businessmen sipped martinis and ate steak dinners. Now, they sip seltzer water and eat kale. Our businesses and businessmen have been emasculated; the result has been anemic returns and “balance sheet” growth based primarily on accounting tricks and stock buybacks rather than real growth of the sort that defined past American businesses.

That emasculation has had other side-effects too, largely in the Chinese realm. Our businesses suffer constant indignities at the hands of the Red Chinese. Their intellectual property is stolen, their servers are hacked, they are constantly told what to do by their Chinese masters, and the costs of doing business in China are horrific, especially when viewed in the long term.

What has their response been? Have they done anything in response? Nope. They’ve silently born those indignities, curling up at the foot of their Chinese overlords like Reek in Game of Thrones. Carnegie would have fought back. Rockefeller would never have born such humiliating indignities. Our current businesses just keep buying cheap Chinese crap and allowing our technological and productivity advantages to erode away.

Why are they behaving in such an undignified, disgusting manner? Because they too want a slice of the Chinese pie. Taking the Taiwan patch off Maverick’s jacket in “Top Gun 2”, removing or shrinking black characters from movie posters to appease Chinese racism, and allowing vast amounts of intellectual property to be stolen is all okay to them because they want to sell useless goods to the communists for as long as China allows them to do so. China owns America because our business leaders are cowards.

china owns America
China owns America. It took the Taiwan patch off of Maverick’s jacket. From: BI

Issue 5: The Deterioration of American Culture

American culture used to be the best in the world. Our songs led to a lust for freedom around the world, our movies became instant classics everywhere from Daton to Bangkok, and our books defined the world’s vision of American life. Thanks to our culture, a culture of hard work, individual liberty, and capitalism, all of which was represented in our literature, film, and verse, everyone saw America as the land of freedom and opportunity. Thousands of brave, entrepreneurially-minded citizens in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world braved their governments and perilous journeys to come here and live a better life.

But that culture has all but disappeared because China owns America.

So they can be sold in China, our movies no longer tell tales of men living free. Easy Rider is out and communist movies like Elysium are in.

To make them sellable in the Chinese market, our songs aren’t about freedom and liberty, American exceptionalism and the glory of our republic. Nope, now the top songs of the year are vulgar collections of noise like “W.A.P.

Our culture has been degraded because China owns America. Publishers, film-makers, and songwriters want their share of the Chinese pie and are often funded by Chinese investors, so they go along with whatever the CCP wants. It’s disgusting and highly problematic.

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Why It’s a Problem that China Owns America

It should be obvious why all of those issues, issues that stem from the fact that China owns America, are major problems.

Our politicians have been bought off by the Chinese dragon; we can’t trust them to defend our interests.

The media is lying to us about China to appease that dragon. If it won’t tell us the truth, then how will we see the facts, which clearly show the superiority of America over China? As long as China owns America’s media, the truth will remain a lamp hidden over a red blanket.

Big Tech is censoring us. It prefers the Chinese system of censorship to the American system of free speech and its actions show that. Additionally, it wants access to the Chinese market, so it’s acting in their interests rather than ours. I’ve written about the deleterious effects of social media censorship before, but this poses even greater problems than are typically recognized. The Big Tech companies are America’s most powerful corporations. What will become our economy and nation if they continue acting against American interests at the behest of China?

Our businesses are no longer the best in the world. If we’re not on top, China will be. It’s as simple as that. And we need a thriving economy to be on top. How can we be there if our emasculated businesses continue to give up long-term success and gains, not to mention billions of dollars worth of IP, in order to secure temporary and unequal access to a mercantilist business? Where will we be in the future if they continue to remain blind to the day after tomorrow?

And, most worryingly to me, American culture has declined precipitously in recent decades, largely because China owns America. American culture is still largely dominant, but barely so. What we’re producing is trash. Series of unwatchable remakes, vulgar and poorly produced songs, and trashy books now define American culture. As popular as it might be, does anyone really think Game of Thrones will remain as popular and influential as The Great Gatsby or Atlas Shrugged? That’s unlikely, to put it mildly.

We should all be worried that China owns America. It owns our businesses, politicians at every level, and is exerting huge levels of influence on our culture. If these trends continue, America will become a backwater.

The British Empire shrunk from a quarter of the world to an island the size of Michigan because its politicians were lacking in vision and bravery and its businesses and culture fell behind. Luckily, America was there to succeed it.

Now, there is no such fallback. If America declines as Britain did, which appears to be the case, China is the successor power. Western values of liberty and capitalism will be replaced with the insect-like systems of the Orient, where everything is regimented and communal, where totalitarianism defines the governmental system, and fear rather than hope defines the expectations of the citizenry.

We have a moral responsibility to prevent that outcome. America can triumph. It should triumph over China as it did over the Soviet Union. Yes, China owns America, but we still have the opportunity to fight back. We must do so to defend freedom and the Western world.

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