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China Lied and People Died in 2020. Americans Must Remember That.

My Take on How China Lied and People Died

Unless you’re living under a very, very thick rock, you’ve heard about the Coronavirus pandemic. A disease much like the flu has caused panic and sunk stock markets around the globe, destroying economies and lives in the process. Sadly, all this was avoidable. But, it happened the way it did because China lied and people died.

I’ll admit, I’ve never really understood the panic about Coronavirus. Sure, it has a 1-3% death rate among the severe cases that go to the hospital, but for most young people the death rate is under that. So, if you’re old and high risk just stay at home, and if you’re young, just go about your life but wash your hands more frequently. And, if you’re sick, stay away from everyone and don’t travel. That’s what England was doing to keep their economy afloat and I think it makes sense. Frankly, the socialism and fake news coming out of China are the real virus that America must avoid.

But, going back to my original point, all of this was avoidable. In Wuhan, this likely started because someone ate an animal they bought at a wet market, got sick from that, and then the Chinese government was experimenting with the disease in a lab in Wuhan and let it get out. That’s probably what happened and how this plague spread around the world. Unsanitary food sources and irresponsible government-employed scientists, none of which would have happened in a nation with a government that is held responsible by its citizenry.

Turns out, if you eat non-edible wild animals, you’re likely to catch something. That’s why people in developed nations don’t do it and stick mainly to farm-raised and FDA-tested food that was not bought in sketchy wet markets.

In any case, all this began because someone in Wuhan caught something, which we now know was Covid-19. But, China’s government refused to recognize that. China lied and people died. Agents of the CCP arrested and probably killed the doctor that informed China’s citizenry what was going on, allowed infected people to travel freely out of Wuhan, and lied to the world about what was happening.

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All of those reactions are unsurprising for a socialist dictatorship, but disappointing and disgusting nonetheless. Now, the Chinese government is (predictably) blaming the US military. That’s just another lie from the Chinese communists.

As a result of those Chinese lies, the world is on fire. Their free to travel citizens infected the rest of the world with bat soup flu and now everyone is suffering. Stores are running out of goods, the stock market has sunk (read how to invest here), and the government is seizing ever more power.

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China lied and people died. The world needs to remember that and use it as a lesson when analyzing free trade and globalist policies in the future. Perhaps we shouldn’t have free trade and free travel with a nation that has no safety protocols to hold contagions in check.

Furthermore, we need to remember the extended consequences of the fact that China lied and people died. It is not as if the ~150,000 or so deaths related to the Chinese flu are the only consequences of the fact that China lied and people died. Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

First, other than those deaths, we had to deal (and in many states still have to deal) with the tyrannical, Big Government response to the Chinese flu. Because the Chinese were either experimenting with a deadly Coronavirus strain or because they eat bats, the world has had to shut down. Businesses have closed, lives have been destroyed, people are stuck at home out of work, schools have shut down, and society is getting restless.

Then, mainly because of the stress caused by the fact that China lied and people died, protests broke out across America. Well, perhaps “protests” is the wrong word because these are not protests. What we have actually seen are riots across America, which have led to a perception that America is unraveling and everyone hates each other. Things have not been this bad in a long, long time.

Finally, because of the fact that China lied and people died, it looks like President Donald Trump is behind in the polls to the radical Biden team. Before the Chinese flu, it looked like Joe Biden would lose in a landslide and President Trump would certainly be reelected in the November 2020 election. But, because of the terror, suffering, and pandemonium caused by the Chinese Flu, Biden has gained ground. I think that is absurd; how would a corrupt, senile man that bows down to China do any better against the Red Chinese and their lies than Trump, who at least has a backbone?

In any case, when we talk about this pandemic in the future, Americans need to remember that China lied and people died. Chinese lies and irresponsibility killed over one hundred thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands of people in other nations. Will the world finally stand up to China and its evil, reckless, violent, and anti-democratic actions? Hopefully. Doing so will require more backbone than I think most world leaders have. For some reason, they would prefer to not learn from the lessons of history and instead appease the Red Chinese like Chamberlain appeased Hitler.

But, for now, at least, Americans do not have to worry about that. We have President Trump in office, and he recognizes that China lied and people died in not just this case, but many cases. So, he is willing to stand up to them. We need more of that spirit. And we certainly don’t need Joe Biden, who is owned by China. Would he be willing to call out China’s lies about Covid? Probably not.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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