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Is War Brewing? China is Massing a 200-ship Fleet in Disputed Waters

According to ZeroHedge, Red China is massing a fleet composed of about 200 vessels from its maritime militia in the disputed waters near the Philippines. Here’s what ZeroHedge had to report about the fleet that China is massing:

“Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte has complained to Chinese ambassador about Chinese naval forces that have been massing in the area. In recent days, international concern has grown over what the Philippines has described as a “swarming and threatening presence” of more than 200 Chinese vessels that it believes were manned by China’s maritime militia. The boats were moored at the Whitsun Reef within Manila’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone.”

The ZeroHedge article also includes this tweet, which shows the threat posed by the fleet that the Red Chinese maritime militia is amassing, presumably as a preparation for a major push into disputed waters:

Normally, I wouldn’t use anything from CNN. But, the video does quite a good job of illuminating the problem and CNN’s international reporting is far better and far less biased than their domestic reporting.

Regardless of the source, this Chinese fleet is incredibly concerning. For one, about a third of all global maritime trade passes through the South China Sea and six nations, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, have territorial claims to some of those waters. The money at stake and potential affronts to national sovereignty make for a volatile, potentially explosive situation.

Duerte, president of the Philippines, has reportedly been put in a “tough spot” by the presence of the Chinese fleet, which China’s embassy has claimed is there because the ships are fishing boats that are taking shelter from the rough seas, a statement that the above video seems to contradict. Relatedly, Vietnam’s spokeswoman, Le Thi Thu Hang, brought forward its claims to the disputed region by saying “Vietnam requests that China stop this violation and respect Vietnam’s sovereignty,” in a recent press briefing.

With the many conflicting personalities and number of ships involved, it is likely that this explosive situation could end badly. It’s not benign news that China is massing a 200-strong fleet in disputed waters.

And, yet worse than the gathering of the Chinese fleet, what is the US military doing. F***ing around. Sec Def Lloyd Austin, a man whose name Slow Joe Biden can’t seem to remember, has issues a stand down order to root out “extremists,” by which he means conservatives. The Navy, instead of training its sailors to defeat the Chinese, is trying to get them to read How to Be an Anti-Racist. The other branches are busy designing flight suits for pregnant women, paying for sex changes for troops with gender dysphoria, and slandering Tucker Carlson on Twitter.

Oh, and we’re spending trillions of dollars on UBI-lite checks for people no longer affected by the pandemic while also calling the military budget “too large.” In reality, it’s far too small, especially because we have to send tanks, planes, and troops to Europe to subsidize European socialism and defend them from the Russians so that they don’t have to defend themselves.

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The US could likely not win a war with China, especially if it continues focusing on purging masculinity from the ranks of the military rather than cultivating warriors and a warrior mentality.

The fact that China is massing a fleet in the South China Sea is not just a problem for the Philippines, Vietnam, or Taiwan. It is also a problem for the US. We’re allies with many of the nations involved and are trying to bring the others to our side. We need to stand up for them but currently can’t because of Biden’s already disastrous mismanagement of the military. America needs to wake up and recover its martial spirit. We all know China is a threat, it’s time to start treating it like one.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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