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3 Reasons Why Communist China is Evil

Why Communist China is Evil

Thanks to President Trump and his policies, Americans are gradually waking up to the fact that America is in a new Cold War with China. It is a nation that is stealing our technology, putting its citizens in concentration camps, repressing Hong Kong, and committing many other grievous actions. In other words, Communist China is evil. It does evil things and behaves in a horrible manner, just like every other communist nation.

The world needs to take note of China’s evil actions. But that’s not all. The world also needs to start taking action and decoupling from China. Hopefully, after seeing what China has done in regard to industrial espionage, Hong Kong, and concentration camps, you’ll agree.

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China’s Concentration Camps Show that China is Evil

Like the Soviet Union as it is described in The Gulag Archipelago, or Nazi Germany, China sends millions of its citizens to concentration camps. Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang Province are forced by the government to adopt Chinese customs, undergo forced sterilizations, and be herded into unsanitary and overcrowded facilities where they listen to communist reeducation propaganda and are used as slave labor (which Disney might have used, directly or indirectly, for the new version of Mulan). That action, sending citizens to concentration camps, shows that China is evil.

But don’t just take my word for what China is doing to its citizens, here’s a video of what is happening and why it shows that China is evil:

And, in case you don’t want to watch the video or it makes you too sick, here’s an excerpt from Reuters on what is happening in China’s concetration camps and why those camps show that China is evil:

“Former detainees have described to Reuters being tortured during interrogation at the camps, living in crowded cells and being subjected to a brutal daily regimen of party indoctrination that drove some people to suicide.

Some of the sprawling facilities are ringed with razor wire and watch towers.

“The (Chinese) Communist Party is using the security forces for mass imprisonment of Chinese Muslims in concentration camps,” Schriver told a Pentagon briefing during a broader discussion about China’s military, estimating that the number of detained Muslims could be “closer to 3 million citizens.”

From: Reuters

Similarly, here’s what an article from Foreign Policy had to say about why China is evil and what atrocities are being committed in its Xinjaing concentration camps:

Two recent disturbing events may finally awaken the world to the scale and horror of the atrocities being committed against the Uighurs, a mostly secular Muslim ethnic minority, in Xinjiang, China. One is an authoritative report documenting the systematic sterilization of Uighur women. The other was the seizure by U.S. Customs and Border Protection of 13 tons of products made from human hair suspected of being forcibly removed from Uighurs imprisoned in concentration camps. Both events evoke chilling parallels to past atrocities elsewhere, forced sterilization of minorities, disabled, and Indigenous people, and the image of the glass display of mountains of hair preserved at Auschwitz.

From: Foreign Policy

In short, China’s concentration camps are case in point as to why China is evil; how could a non-evil nation send millions of its own citizens to concentration camps where its troops rape them and use them as slave labor? The civilized world eradicated slavery in the 19th Century, as Niall Ferguson recounted in Empire. It appears China has no such revulsion to treating people as property as slaveowners used to or murdering them for their religious beliefs like a Medieval tyrant or modern jihadist.

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Example Two: China’s Evil as Shown By Its Industrial Espionage

This one might seem like a stretch, but I think it is a very important point about why China is evil. Each year, China steals hundreds of billions of dollars from American businesses. For the detailed minded, here’s what the US found: “The United States Trade Representative, which led the seven-month investigation into China’s intellectual property theft and made recommendations to the Trump administration, found that Chinese theft of American IP currently costs between $225 billion and $600 billion annually.”

In fact, according to a Fortune article, “A new CNBC poll finds that one in five corporations say China has stolen their intellectual property within the last year.”

That’s right, China steals from 1 in 5 US companies every year. As a nation, China is no different than the mafia gangsters that would steal from neighborhood businesses under the guise of collecting “protection money,” or the rioter of the American inner city that steals from local businesses for fun.

China is evil: it acts like a gangster
China is no different than this gangster when it comes to handling businesses

Most reasonable people would, I think regard those looters and mafiosos as evil. They steal from others, and, in doing so, destroy the ability of those people to earn an honest living. So, how could you read about what China is doing to the US and not think that China is evil?

In case you need more information, here are more details on what secrets China is stealing from America:

Although piracy and counterfeiting remain issues in China, the two newer forms of siphoning off foreign IP value are theft—often cyber theft—of extraordinarily valuable trade secrets and know-how, and the technology transfers required of American and other foreign companies as a condition to doing business on Chinese soil. Traditions of territoriality and sovereignty, as well as the willingness of foreign companies to trade IP for access to the Chinese market, give the latter a degree of legitimacy that outright industrial espionage lacks.

From: Stanford

That’s right, China is evil and acting like a mafia don in the Sopranos, openly stealing from American businesses and demanding that they pay it off in order to do business there. Is there any real difference between demanding protection money from a local pizzeria and demanding a company sign over their IP to you? I think not. And that lack of a moral difference shows that China is evil.

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Example 3: China is Repressing Hong Kong

Worst of all, perhaps, is what China is doing in Hong Kong. Its takeover of the city and repression of its citizens definitively shows that China is evil.

Hong Kong used to be a relatively free state. Even after the British left, it remained a Western-oriented city state-like area that maintained a rule of law, understood the importance of freedom and what was at stake for it, and treated its citizens with dignity and respect.

But then China started to intervene and meddle in Hong Kong’s affairs, which caused protests in Hong Kong that lasted for months. But, as America did not support the protesters and show them that a freedom-loving and protecting America does exist as it should have, those protests died out. And when they did, especially as the Chinese Flu swept the world, China fully took over.

Here’s what is happening now. I think it clearly shows that China is evil:

A university-educated construction worker in his 30s, he is just one of many Hongkongers who have uprooted their lives in recent months – or are now planning to – because of fears over the rapid demise of the rule of law and civil liberties. Hong Kong’s descent into effective Chinese control has been swift, and was cemented in June by the introduction of the national security law, which prohibits acts of secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces.

“Hong Kong is China now. There are secret police around,” he said, just days before his departure. “They can lock up whoever they want to lock up.”

“I just can’t stay here any longer, I must go while there is still a chance to leave.”

Under the national security law, even “inciting hatred” of the government constitutes a crime. This has particularly intimidated writers, journalists and political commentators.

“Before, I could criticize the government in my writing and need not worry, but now, I would worry about my personal safety,” says Chung, who plans to move to the UK early next year.

Exiled Hong Kong’s activist Nathan Law holds a sign reading in Chinese “Go Hong Kong” as he meets the press outside of the Italian Foreign Ministry. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesAdvertisement

He feels there is little prospect for him in Hong Kong as most mainstream media outlets have already been co-opted by China and independent outlets are increasingly under attack.

“Hong Kong used to be a great place where we could do what we wanted. Now I can’t see hope. I’d rather seek hope elsewhere,” he said.

From: The Guardian

Sorry for the long outtake from the article, but I think it shows just why China’s repression of Hong Kong shows that China is evil. Just read the details. Secret police. Criminalizing criticizing the government. Huge numbers of its population fleeing because of the fear of persecution or harassment from communist officials.

All of those details are the hallmarks of a repressive, anti-freedom, anti-human dignity state. Because of them, I am very comfortable saying that Communist China is evil.

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Conclusion: America Needs to Wake Up to the Fact that Communist China is Evil

Read those stories and details closely. Gulags and concentration camps. No freedom of speech. Mafia-like behavior. Secret police. Does that sound like how one would describe a morally upstanding nation?

No, of course not. All of those things are what you would say if you were describing the darkest hellhole on Earth. And, well, with China, that would probably be a fair description because China is evil. Show you agree by sharing this article!

By: Gen Z Conservative