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Gallup: 45% of Americans See China As America’s Greatest Enemy

Finally Some Good News: Almost Half of Americans See China as America’s Greatest Enemy

Most of the news I’ve reported on and opined about recently has been of the negative variety. The military has gone full woke, China is eating our lunch because we’re a silly people, and Biden is, well, awful. But there are a few glimmers of hope. BLM is being exposed as a grifter organization. A key proponent of the Drag Queen Story Hour program was arrested on charges alleging horrifying behavior, exposing the depravity of that idea in dramatic fashing. Arizona is passing a very strong anti-child porn bill. And now, according to Gallup, Americans are finally waking up to the threat posed by China. In fact, 45% of Americans see China as America’s greatest enemy.

Even better than that 45% number, there are a few other pieces of data from the recent survey. One is that the 45% of Americans that see China as America’s greatest enemy is up from the 22% that saw China in that light in 2020. The next closest is Russia at 26%, which is basically unchanged from previous years, if slightly up. So, Americans are shifting away from the Cold War mindset and toward a realistic perspective on the 21st century and the real threats of it.

Another positive bit of information is that only 20% of Americans still have a positive view of China. 4/5 of America sees China as a negative force, which is incredibly promising! Additionally, and this is perhaps the best bit of news out of the poll, 63% see China’s economic power as a critical threat to the US and another 30% see it as a major, but not yet critical threat! So, over 90% of Americans view China as a threat in some way.

That is good news. Yes, it would be better to have Trump than Beijing Biden in office right now to deal with that threat. But, the fact that almost half of Americans view China as our greatest enemy and over 90% view it and its power as some sort of threat means that American policy toward China will grow, regardless of who is in charge of things, significantly more hawkish in the years to come. Democrats and Republicans both want to get elected. When they see the enmity between Americans and the Red Chinese for what it is, the policies they propose will reflect that.

Some might argue that if that were the case Trump would have been elected. People’s minds about the Red Chinese could have, and likely did, change after the election as more details about China’s complicity in designing and spreading the Covid bioweapon came out.

And, beyond all that, not every Democrat is a China appeaser. Certainly, more Democrats are than Republicans, but we must remember that, up until Donald Trump, even most Republicans weren’t cognizant of or speaking about the threat posed by the Red Chinese. Public opinion, and the policies that reflect it, can change rapidly. Based on the Gallup poll that shows that, in 2021, 45% of Americans see China as America’s greatest enemy whereas only 20-odd percent did in 2020, and >90% see it as some sort of threat, it appears that both parties are undergoing a rapid shift in how they view Red China.

Once again, that is good news. Americans are disunited now more than ever, mostly because “blue” and “red” are now, in effect, different nations rather than similar people with slightly different political views. We need something to unite us. Viewing China as America’s enemy might just be what could do that. Our political battles will continue, but our hatred of the Red Chinese should be the main tie that binds us for the foreseeable future.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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