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Is China Behind America’s Present Psychosis? Just Look At What It’s Exporting…

No matter where you go these days at least fifty percent, and usually 75 to 80 percent of the people you see are wearing masks of one sort or another. Whether to avoid the hassle of exclusion from some activity or to protect themselves from a .125 micron virus with a 60 to 80 micron woven paper filter there they are, a sea of faces covered in what, two years ago would have been illegal, or at least rude to wear, anywhere but a hospital.

There are more factors to the efficacy of mask-wearing than that but that is not the important part. If you believe that the blue paper filter or the handkerchief you’re wearing is effective, please do your thing. I have not avoided human contact or worn a mask and I have not caught or spread the Covid.

Mass formation psychosis is a long and scary name alluding to a subject that seems to boil down to ‘we keep hammering you with a narrative day after day until you believe what we tell you.’

You can witness it up close everywhere in formerly rational human beings walking and driving by themselves, blocks away from anyone else, blithely wearing a dust mask, N-95 mask, or maybe ‘the deuce’, one of each. I was in the health food store the other day and I saw a grown man walk in wearing a two-canister painter’s respirator.

Truth be told, when this mask-wearing phenomenon first started I was tempted to do this because no one knew what China had done and it was cheaper for me since I had a couple of them and honestly didn’t think it looked stranger than the blue paper ones.

As it has been shown what was once deemed crazy looking has been normalized by the constant drumbeat and ubiquity of the abnormality. It is a Mass Formation Psychosis.

So I asked him if he was serious, to which he assured me he was and we went our separate ways. Now I will grant this fellow that it may offer marginally more effective protection than an N-95 but I have done considerable research and as effective as the cartridge filter is it does not stop all smells or even all dust and a virus is much smaller than either of these.

I was in the health food store getting vitamin D and Zinc; I don’t wear a mask I don’t avoid risky situations, I’ve never been sick and I don’t look like a lunatic at the store.

Therapeutics, hydroxy, ivermectin, etc. have been demonized, shadowbanned, and even made illegal. In reality, the are safe, effective and have been prescribed by the medical community for decades. They have been touted by doctors and scientists who, before all of this, were well published and cited by their peers, are now marginalized and demonetized because they don’t kneel before the god of ‘the science‘ and Dr. Fauci.

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Tic Tok has millions of users, mostly tide pod eating types I assume, self-diagnosing themselves with Multiple Personality Disorder, or Dissociative Identity Disorder in the current vernacular.

It occurs to me that China has exported both the Chinese virus and the Tic Tok platform which both keep people home and entertain them with homemade videos that can be monitored by the CCP. And that this mash-up of paradigms can induce MFP in vulnerable teenagers leading them to accept that they are not able to take care of themselves in the big scary world and the solution is to accept control by their leaders. They can just stay home and be kept fed and watered by society and taking directions from TV, their phones, and eventually the metaverse.

No ambition, coerced not to procreate, and maintained in their government-sponsored pod, they won’t even realize the society is dying around them, and likely won’t care.

Meanwhile, the Zbergs, Soros’, Schwab’s and Musk’s will attempt to live forever through increasingly dystopian means. Personalities transferred to chips, age-defying medicines, and even things such as Adrenochrome (whether that is real or not I will let you argue about but you get the picture).

I ain’t playing their game, I will resist their control over my person and my personality until they come to put me in a camp for the unvaccinated, and then it is time for another decision.

By: David Gignac