October 25, 2020

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Chick Fil A meme

Chick Fil A Meme

Chick Fil A Meme:

Chick Fil A meme

My Take on this Chick Fil A Meme:

Chick fil a is the best and that’s not debatable. Just kidding, I guess Texans have What-a-burger and Californians have In-n-Out Burger. But for most of us, Chick fil a is great. And why is that? I think it is because they embody the Christian ideals.

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Chick-fil-a’s employees are gracious and kind. They deal well with difficult customers and make sure that everyone feels welcome and treated with dignity. Additionally, management doesn’t give in to current Social Justice Warrior critics. As you might guess from this hilarious Chick-fil-a meme, the absurd critics of Chick fil a accuse it of being “anti-gay” or too conservative.

It’s not. It’s owners are just real Christians that understand that their faith is more important than worldly criticism. If they turned away gay customers, that would be one thing. But they don’t. They just don’t donate to some charities they disagree with and the owners have said that they think homosexuality is a sin. That’s more than biblically justified. Why should they be punished for expressing their beliefs?

The answer is that Chick fil a and its owners should not be punished for privately or publicly expressing their religious beliefs. Imagine if members of other religious sects were held to the same standards as Christians when it came to what they could and couldn’t express. Liberals would be outraged!

They would (correctly) state that that violates the 1st Amendment rights of members of those religious sects and memes like this Chick fil a meme would be superflous. But when Christians defend their beliefs, like in this Chick fil a meme, they are attacked and demonized. Bakery owners are put out of business for not making vulgar cakes that celebrate lifestyle choices they disagree with and cities try to ban Chick fil a because its owners hold common Christian beliefs.

That is ridiculous. Go out and get a #1 Combo tomorrow to support your local Chick fil a and fight back against the tyrannical culture warriors that hate free speech. And, in the meantime, enjoy laughing at this hilarious Chick fil a meme!

Finally, I think it is worth saying that the left is entirely hypocritical when it comes to things like what’s represented in this Chick Fil A meme. They claim that Christians are “hateful” because they won’t donate to this group or that group, which is absurd and nonsensical. At the same time, the left’s entire ideology is hate-filled and full of vitriol, as Matt Walsh points out in his quote on leftism! So, those leftists slander and falsely accuse a business of being homophobic or racist or whatever and, at the same time, continue to spread their own ideology of hate. Leftists are complete and total hypocrites, and young conservatives, college conservatives especially, need to start pointing that out.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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