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Chappelle’s Critics are Cheap and Uncharitable, So Now He Gets to Tell them “SHUT THE F*CK UP FOREVER!”

You might not like Dave Chappelle, as he’s obviously no conservative and many of his jokes are crude and/or vulgar, as suggested by the quotation of his in the title.

But, regardless of how one feels about Chapelle himself, it’s hard not to side with him when the radical left starts viciously attacking him for joking about some shibboleth of the Globalist Order or touches on some raw nerve of the “current thing”.

And, as he’s a comedian and the job of comedians is to make fun of everything and offend, as “Blackadder” and “Mr. Bean” star Rowan Atkinson recently pointed out, that’s exactly what Chapelle has done.

He’s brilliantly mocked, made fun of, and otherwise joked around about the things that leftists love, particularly the transgender movement, the current peak of the woke hierarchy and perpetual “current thing.”

So, as could be expected, the woke mob has come for him, something that’s been particularly true since the release of Chappelle’s last Netflix special, The Closer. When it came out, the corporate media of course attacked him immediately, accusing the comedian of being “transphobic” over jokes he made for the special.

That became doubly true when it was announced that Dave Chappelle’s alma mater, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, is naming a building after him.

Naturally, students were less than pleased that a “transphobe” was getting a building named after him, so they went on the attack, with two even going so crazy that the school had to cancel a fundraiser for the building. So woke they hate charity, even for education! Now there’s a glitch in the matrix.

In any case, Chappelle decided to strike back rather than sit quietly, issuing a challenge to the woke crazy people on Instagram, telling them to put their money where their mouth is or shut up and sit down.

Issuing that challenge, the comedian said:

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“If by April, those against the ‘Chappelle’ theater exceed the donations of those who are neutral or in favor of the theatre being named ‘Chappelle,’ I will gladly step aside. If not, I will happily attend the naming ceremony. And if you don’t care enough to donate, please, SHUT THE F*CK UP FOREVER!”

It was a genius idea. Either way the school would get the money for the building, and might even get more thanks to the war between Chappelle’s supporters and his enemies, and if the other side lost, which seemed likely from the start, then they’d be exposed as being whiny children that can’t actually take action.

And that’s exactly what happened: unlike Chappelle and his friends, who put up the money necessary to win, the lefties didn’t, so Chappelle had the opportunity to name the Theater the Chappelle Theater.

However, showing grace in victory, which might have been a mistake in the face of the woke mob, Chappelle decided to forego that honor and instead make the theater a memorial to freedom of expression, with TMZ reporting that:

Chappelle is shifting gears … at tonight’s naming ceremony, he announced he is not placing his name on the Duke Ellington High School theater. Instead, Chappelle decided it will be called the Theater for Artistic Freedom and Expression. 

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