October 22, 2020

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Chaos is a Ladder

Littlefinger’s Chaos is a Ladder Quote

The Chaos is a Ladder Quote:

Chaos is a Ladder

The Chaos is a Ladder Quote:

“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.” -Littlefinger’s Chaos is a Ladder quote

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The “Chaos is a Ladder” quote’s Meaning:

Given the current Game of Thrones hype, I thought it would be good to do my favorite quote from that show. I like Game of Thrones because of what it shows about human nature.

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Rather than portraying humans as good, like many books and shows, it shows humans’ true nature. We are backstabbing and selfish beings most of the time. Littlefinger’s quote shows that well, as does the book 48 Laws of Power.

Rather than worrying about other people, Littlefinger only cares about power. That shows in this quote; he is worried about climbing to the top and pushing past all the others.

Few are so open about that, but he is. I think his recognition of how to succeed is incredibly important for modern Americans.Chaos is a ladder- we have to recognize the situation around us, and take advantage of the chaos within it, if we are to succeed. To me, that is the meaning of the chaos is a ladder quote, and Game of Thrones in general.

There is plenty of chaos in the American political landscape and geopolitical landscape that can be taken advantage of. We just have to learn to seize the opportunity.

President Donald Trump, like Littlefinger, took advantage of the chaos around him to win. He is intelligent and a winner that could see what was going on and use the chaos within it to climb to the top. Once he saw that the Republican party was falling apart due to a lack of leadership and ineffective, cowardly politicians, he climbed to the top. How? By using chaos to his advantage. Be like that! 

However, there is a difference between using the sentiment behind this chaos is a ladder quote (opportunism) in the right way and the wrong way. It is like working people. The ways to do so described in How to Win Friends and Influence People are honorable ways to work people; they are not sly or underhanded. The ways to work people described in 48 Laws of Power, on the other hand, are very sly and underhanded. The Borgias were different than Dale Carnegie; they were far more perfidious.

Sorry for the extended metaphor, but the same applies to the political application of this chaos is a ladder quote.

Trump is the one who uses it in responsible, honorable way. While he might cause the chaos that allows him to “climb the ladder,” so to speak, he does not create dangerous chaos. He just tweets and gets the fake news media distracted on some non-issue while he gets stuff done.

He distracted the Republicans by tweeting about how Jeb Bush was a loser (which was true). Doing so enabled him to climb to the top. While a candidate, he distracted the media by calling for Hillary to be locked up (which she should be) and they got caught on that and not on how he was gaining ground with voters. Now that he is President, he keeps them distracted with his tweets while he slashes regulations and appoints hundreds of judges.

None of that is evil or morally wrong, it’s just an effective use of a resource. His tweets do not do any damage, nor are they tyrannical; the media could ignore them and focus on real issues. But, it does not do so. Instead, it has chosen to focus on non-issues. So, yes, Trump is using this chaos is a ladder quote to his advantage. But not in the dishonorable way that the Democrats are, the way more in line with Game of Thrones.

In stark contrast to President Trump, the Democrats have decided to create chaos that harms people. They do not tweet; they start riots and fan the flames of riots that burn down businesses, lead to people dying, and are eroding faith in the American republic just to hide their own malfeasance and to get an upper hand politically. They are causing that chaos just because they want to use it as a way to sink the economy and get a hand up on Trump. That is not honorable; it is despicable.

So, in conclusion, yes, I think that politicians should follow Littlefinger’s advice in this quote about how chaos is a ladder. They should use it to become more effective and rise in popularity or power. However, they should use it as Trump has, not how Biden has. There is a difference between taking advantage of existing chaos or causing harmless chaos and creating violent, chaotic riots that burn down cities and lead to immense amounts of misery and suffering. Trump is following the right route. Democrats are not.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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