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Where Did They Not Change their Logo to a Rainbow?

Guess where the wokes didn’t change their logo to a rainbow.

Was it in Western Europe, that bastion of Christianity and thus anti-gay hate? Nope. Turns out the Western Europeans are just as comfortable with degeneracy as we are. Ditto that for Oceania.

How about the US? Supposedly it is covered with deplorables worthy of nothing but contempt, surely a company would have to hide its wokeness and not celebrate gay pride month in such a backward, evil place. Oh, wait, we came up with the whole idea. So they’re safe virtue signaling here.

But the Middle East…no way. Supporting gay rights there would be like what liberals imagine it’s like in Mississippi. Over there, debate isn’t over whether they should be able to adopt kids or just get married, it’s over whether they should be tossed from rooftops or merely beheaded.

And that shows both the lack of courage leftists have and the incoherence of their beliefs.

They savage the US for not being woke enough, constantly throwing their degeneracy and sin in our faces. From drag queen story hour to championing pedophilia, the left insists on trying to make the US and Western Europe, both of which are far too tolerant, even more accepting of degeneracy.

But not a word is spoken about the backwardness of the Middle East. Gay leftists cheer for Palestine despite the fact that Hamas would certainly kill them. They press the US for not being tolerant enough but ignore that women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia and gays can’t exist.

If these companies cared about anything more than money, they’d change their logo everywhere. If they wanted to improve life for gays in the places where it’s worst, would they not press the Middle East? If they wanted to do more than shamelessly virtue signal, would they not try to change the minds of those backward Saudis like they constantly assault the viewpoints of conservatives in the US?

Of course, they don’t. The logos are about money, not any real concern about gays. The left, furthermore, isn’t full of brave people. If it were, that Middle East logo would be a rainbow. It’s full of greedy, miserable hypocrites that bite the hand that feeds them while ignoring the one that would stone them to death. Call them on it!

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By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook