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“Celtic”: How Hunter’s Emails and Biden’s Indiscipline Might Make Joe Regret His Code Name

Biden now has two major causes to regret “Celtic,” his Secret Service codename. Both are interesting, though the first is far less severe than the second. We’ll start with it, as it’s a bit funnier.

That first reason is that Leon Panetta might have just accidentally turned it into a joke, turning “Celtic” into the new “Brandon,” at least for those in the know.

That’s because, when appearing on CNN, Panetta blamed Biden’s Irish heritage (which is where “Celtic” comes from) for his poor choice of words when saying that Putin needs to go, as Gordon Lubold brought up on Twitter, saying:

Leon Panetta says on CNN that Biden’s gaffe in Europe about regime change came about because Biden is Irish, and his instinct to internalize human suffering may have overwhelmed him to the point where he was not careful about what he said. Biden needs more discipline Panetta says

Watch Panetta make that here:

Now, it’s a dumb remark. But, the inadvertent joke that Biden is dumb/says dumb things because he’s Irish could very well stick and turn “Celtic” into the new “Brandon.”

The other reason is a good bit more severe and hits on the bigger reason Biden might soon be regretting his “Celtic” code name. That’s because “Celtic” is one of the names allegedly referenced in the Hunter Biden emails, as Wayne Dupree’s site reports:

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no matter how careful they all were, with their “big guy” references and code names, it’d be that Secret Service name “Celtic” that would give the whole game away.

[…]That’s what Jonathan Turley says, as he explores the “Celtic” scandal and beyond:

“Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account.” Those nine words from a retired Secret Service agent to Hunter Biden in recently released emails may prove a nasty complication for some in Washington who have struggled to contain the blowback from the still-unfolding scandal linked to Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

“Celtic” was the Secret Service code name for Joe Biden, and recent disclosures may puncture the media’s cone-of-silence around the scandal. The emails link President Biden to his son’s accounts and indicate a commingling of funds with money coming from controversial foreign sources.  Even more embarrassing, the shared account may have been used to pay a Russian prostitute named “Yanna.”

Now, it’s more than possible that “Celtic” there is someone else. Maybe the Secret Service agent was trying to set Hunter up or maybe someone inadvertently chose the same nickname as Joe Biden’s code name. And, even if it’s Joe, then it’s very likely that whatever was going on was legal.

But none of that matters, at least not until the emails are more closely investigated: what matters is that the “Celtic” reference could contradict what Biden has so far said about his knowledge of Hunter’s activities. It could potentially tie him to Hunter and, at the very least, justify an investigation to determine if he’s “Celtic” in the email and, if so, what the referenced bank account was for.

That’s bad news for Biden, a president dealing with enough crises already and who certainly doesn’t need yet another scandal or crisis. “Luck of the Irish,” I suppose.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.