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After a CCP-Funded Trip to China, this Alabama State Senator Defended the Confucius Institute, a Vector of CCP Propaganda

For those that don’t know, the Confucius Institutes that have spread across our nation and infected its universities like a virus are far from benign. They’re not just Chinese cultural centers, they’re “super-spreaders” of communist Chinese propaganda. The National Review described them as thus:

“Under the direction of top officials in the CCP’s Office of Overseas Propaganda, China has established a network of 50 so-called Confucius Institutes at American educational institutions. In 2009, Li Changchun, then head of agitprop for the CCP, called these outposts “an important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up.” Their M.O. is simple: China gives American host institutions cash, and CCP operatives get to teach a distorted, regime-friendly history of the Chinese state to American students. Meanwhile, those same operatives get to live in close proximity to all the resources of our modern research universities, and to important inside information about the sensitive, and often taxpayer-funded, activities of our brightest minds.

American institutions of higher education are not the only targets of the CCP’s influence, however. While Confucius Institutes are often headquartered on university campuses, their reach extends to every level of education. By offering Chinese teachers to schools around the country, the CCP has successfully built a series of ‘Confucius Classrooms’ at many K–12 schools around the country. For thousands of American schoolchildren today, the first exposure to China comes from carefully selected Communist apparatchiks.”

You’d think that legislators, especially in a GOP-dominated state like Alabama, would be willing to step up and defend their state centers of education against such perfidious communist infiltration. Generally, they have. For example, in Alabama, a group of state legislators worked to kick the Confucius Institute centers out of the state. As the National Review reports:

“Alabama is poised to become the first state to take up legislation banning public colleges and universities from hosting Confucius Institutes, the Chinese government-sponsored campus centers that propagandize for Beijing and serve as outposts of Communist Party espionage. State representative Tommy Hanes recently unveiled a draft proposal to ban the centers, which immediately drew public support from Alabama congressman Mo Brooks.

The bill would prohibit public universities in Alabama from “providing support for, funding for, or use of its campus facilities” for “cultural institutes that are affiliated with, funded by, or supported by the government of China.” It would affect both of Alabama’s existing Confucius Institutes, at Alabama A&M and Troy University. (A third Confucius Institute, at Auburn University at Montgomery, closed quietly a few years ago.)”

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Sadly, however, not everyone has gotten on board. State Representative Terri Collins and State Senator Jim McClendon both spoke out against the Alabama bill that was meant to combat the spread of communist ideology by kicking Confucius Institute centers off campus.

However, that might not be just because they disagree with the bill. According to YAF, Senator McClendon, one of the key opponents of the bill, has visited Red China:

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“Alabama State Senator Jim McClendon was one of the very few to vote “no” on a recent senate bill aimed at defunding Confucius Institutes. An investigation by YAF has revealed he went on a Confucius Institute sponsored trip to China in 2015–which may shine light on his decision to oppose the bill.

Others identified in the video of the trip to China include Alabama Senate Majority Leader Clay Scofield, Former Senator Gerald Dial, who is now on the board of trustees at Troy University, and Senator James Taylor ‘Jabo’ Waggoner.”

Perhaps Sen. McClendon just likes the idea of the Confucius Institute and doesn’t believe the concerning intelligence about that organization. Or, maybe he’s been corrupted by the organization, just as the Chinese have bought off Ossoff, Beijing Biden, Mattis, and others in their bid to own America. Only time will tell.

By: Gen Z Conservative