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CCP Infiltration of US Schools

Questions, questions, so many questions. To be clear, this article presents publicly sourced facts and asks questions—as usual I advise all to go research more and discern for themselves… which is something we should be teaching our kids. That is board member Wendy Jonathon (middle) up there under the CCP insignia btw. Comfy.

When I spoke at the last board meeting I mentioned that the people might dig to Shanghai, China if need be, to get answers to their questions. Given the Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD) board’s gaslighting, arbitrary rule making, unscientific policy and educational decisions made against the wishes of voters, refusal to look at the science, and the seemingly lapse of common sense, (whew!) one could not be blamed for wondering if there were other motivations at play.

I actually did dig all the way to Shanghai, China! When I got there, I was at the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. also known as SMEC or SHMEC. The SMEC, as I will show, is directly connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Heck, I will just show you now. Follow that link above and you will find that SMEC operates as a “department…under Shanghai Municipal People’s Government”. That is CCP folks. Read through the main functions of SMEC and discover that they are responsible for Party ideology throughout Shanghai and for planning and guiding Confucius Institutes.

If that CCP connection isn’t clear enough, then please allow me to call a friend. I choose former Secretary of State Pompeo. I have to be honest here, Mr. Pompeo is not actually my friend and I didn’t actually “call” him—hey, just keeping a sense of humor here.

AnyWays. Secretary of State Pompeo warns us in a speech at the Nixon Library on July 23, 2020, that China is sending propagandists everywhere, even into our high-schools PTA meetings… I’ll let you make the next logical extension on your own.

Pompeo Nixon Library

A few months later Pompeo will give a speech at the 2020 National Governors Association where he informed them that the CCP had a dossier on each of them—ranked them based on “friendliness”. To go further, he tells us (well, the Govs then but us now) that the CCP was determined to exploit our (US Citizens/USA) freedoms to gain control of us…all the way down to a LOCAL level. The CCP uses friendship organizations, such as the Confucius Institute to accomplish this nefarious goal.

In the following screenshot, Pompeo tells us that the Confucius Institutes are straight up CCP. There is another interesting point in there, please allow me a slight digression.

Take a look at the first highlighted portion below, “They [CCP through Confucius Institutes] pressure students to monitor Chinese students”. I discussed this before, but take that “students should not have to fear…Beijing” portion and put it aside for now.

But what about the DSUSD? We need another dot. As luck would have it, I have another dot! In the DSUSD board minutes of September 2019, past board member Mr. Tomak tells us that the district has had an exchange set up with Shanghai, China dating back to at least 2009. This is true as I have had many Shanghai visitors in my room over the years—once a visitor even mocked me over Common Core, true story. Mr. Tomak does not mention SMEC but does tell us that “Shanghai puts this program together on both sides”. Now get this: DSUSD personnel go to China to study their academics, while China personnel come here to study our “creativity”. Just another Chinese trade imbalance or are they openly treating us like Kinders?

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Mr. Tomak does not mention SMEC, but he does mention other school districts. Information on the subject, from the source, is rather scarce, but one school district had a principal that was kind enough to post a slide-share from a similar exchange in 2012 that tells us a little bit more.

It would appear that Shanghai putting it together means that the SMEC paid for the entire thing then. This Desert Sun article from 2017 gives us a clue as to if that is true. The article, while not forthcoming on who foots the bill, does mention SHMEC (same as SMEC remember) and, maybe more importantly, that the California School Boards Association (CSBA) is a partner in the exchange program.

A little more digging brings us to this gem that posted in 2010.

How do you like ‘dem dots? CSBA not only told us that the CCP (through SMEC and CSBA) pays for our board members, administrators, and teachers to travel to China, they also link the Confucius Institute, which we already know is CCP, to SMEC and the CSBA. What the H—

Hold on, we’re not done yet. Remember when I got written up for saying China Virus and telling your kids I wouldn’t tell them to wear a mask? Good times. Remember when I made the argument that an ethnic Chinese student, perhaps one that had fled China or emigrated from Hong Kong or Taiwan, might not feel so safe around those that defended the CCP view that the term China Virus was racist? Remember that bit of information we put aside earlier, about how Chinese students shouldn’t have fear the CCP here in America?

Yeah… well. Take a look at current board member (also pictured in the cover photo of this article) Wendy Jonathon’s statement from the October 2018 board meeting. I’ll hook up with you below to check if you see what I see.

Did you get that? Wendy Jonathon was quite proud that members from the SMEC, vetted by the CCP for travel, were allowed access to the Chinese students in our district. Anyone else wondering how the students felt?

There is more, and I did ask for information from the DSUSD Information Officer (no reply at time of publishing), but I have kept you long enough.

Let’s summarize what we know.

We know that board members Don Griffith and Wendy Jonathan, along with Superintendent Scott Bailey, and the rest (an assortment of past and present teachers, board members, and Administration) have traveled to Shanghai China. We know that those excursions were arranged through the CBSA, and paid for by the Confucius Institute and the CCP entity Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. We know that these are friendship associations and they seek to control United States Government officials down to a local level. We know (from the full Pompeo speech) that the CCP will resort to blackmail, extortion, bribery—anything to obtain that control. We know from Department of Justice searches on the terms “Confucius Institute, CCP, and 1000 Talents” (search terms separately of course) that these facts are even further backed up, as freaking crazy as it all sounds to those not yet fully awake. And for those sheepy people, this Human Rights Watch article may be a good read for you.

I am not accusing anyone of anything, and I’m not even saying anyone is being a useful idiot, but I do have to wonder who would hate our kids so much that they would make them wear masks when all the science differs (also here, here, and here)? Who would hate our kids so much to see them divided and molded into guilt-ridden victims? Who would revel in this being done while extending the middle-finger to protesting parents? Do we deserve transparency and honest answers to our questions? Do we deserve to be gaslighted? Who is trying to infiltrate us? What does SMEC expect for all of those free lunches? Do you believe there is such a thing as a Free Lunch?

As always feel free to share if you feel the information worthy, or make comments below.

Kenny, From The Tavern