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Carjacking Victim Teaches Suspected Carjacker a MAJOR Lesson in City Destroyed by Democrat DA

Philadelphia was briefly America’s capital city. It’s beautiful, full of rich history, the location where the valiant Founding Fathers wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, and one of the oldest and most important cities in America.

It’s also a city where a leftist District Attorney is in power, so despite its rich history and incomparable roots, it has turned into just another leftist hellhole where criminals prowl the streets looking for victims.

Fortunately, however, it’s not in a state completely dominated by leftists so some citizens carry guns and can defend themselves from the predations of those criminals, which is just what happened in the Olney section of Philadelphia on the night of June 27th.

That night, a 59-year-old, off-duty corrections officer used his firearm to turn the tables on a carjacker around 11 pm. It was at that time that the man hopped into his Toyota Avalon and, almost before he realized what was going on, a mask and hoodie-clad thug viciously yanked him out of the Toyota and clambered inside, a clear attempt to steal the vehicle. The carjackers was armed.

Evidently fearing for his life after being attacked by the masked, armed thug, the off-duty correctional officer grabbed his gun and opened fire on the suspect, teaching him a lesson in civics with five sizzling pieces of lead. The suspect bolted from the scene after being fired upon.

Police Chief of Philadelphia, Inspector Scott Small, commenting on the incident, said:

“Police officers, within about 20 to 25 minutes, located the Toyota Avalon about a half a mile away in the 4900 block of Bingham Street. That vehicle was found with five bullet holes in it and also a lot of fresh blood inside the driver’s seat, and some on the center console.”

The five bullets fired by the off-duty officer penetrated the driver’s side window, the door, and the front windshield of the Toyota Avalon.

It was a short time after the 11 pm incident that a man showed up at Temple University Hospital with gunshot wounds to both arms. Police believe the injured man could be the carjacker, as Inspector Small also commented on, saying:

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“There’s a possibility that that 21-year-old shooting victim may be the individual that committed this robbery carjacking.”

The investigation is, however, ongoing, so that is uncertain as of now. Fortunately, the carjacking victim was uninjured during the assault and attempted theft.

The carjacking, though fortunately fought off without injury to the law-abiding citizen, is just the latest in a string of crimes that leftist DA Krassner is being blamed for.

Fox 29 interviewed Krasner and reported the following:

We are dealing with the worst spike in gun violence over the last two now almost two-and-a-half years that we have seen in a very very long time. I think it’s awful,” Krasner said. “I mean obviously every homicide is awful, but the numbers are very upsetting. It’s the kind of thing that keeps us up at night.”

When asked if he thought 2022 would be more deadly than 2021, which saw 560 homicides by the end of the year, Krasner was unsure.

“The truth is I don’t know, but I will say this. From the beginning, what we have seen is that it was about 1.5 homicides per day in Philadelphia during the period of the pandemic,” he said. Right now, we’re very close to where we were last year. I mean the terrible news, we’re close to where we were last year. The good news, we aren’t twice as high.

Krasner, who was elected and reelected on the campaign platform of criminal justice reform, stands firm on his belief that funding prevention efforts will lower crime.

So far that belief has been unfounded, as Philadelphia is sadly known for its crime in the same way that Chicago and Baltimore are.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List