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Leftists Love Cardi B and Hate Dr. Seuss. Our Culture is Collapsing

Well, 2020 and 2021 have been strange. The Covid tyranny and nonsense reached new, absurd heights. RINOs turned a blind eye to election integrity concerns, costing Trump the White House. Joe Biden did away with Trump’s effective border control measures and spawned a new border crisis. But, worst of all, in my opinion, is what has happened to our culture. Based on the past few months, it appears that leftists love Cardi B and hate Dr. Seuss. That’s insane; what depths of depravity will America not reach?.

As background, Cardi B’s horrid, vulgar song “Wet Ass P****y” won the “song of the year” award. Out of basic decency, I won’t include the link to such an indecent song, but Ben Shapiro did a funny rendition you might want to listen to as a bit of background about just why the song is so abominable:

Meanwhile, Dr. Seuss was canceled. His publisher decided to pull certain books of his for being “racist.” Ah, because the cat in the hat was obviously calling for genocide…or something. Needless to say, since the Grinch fought the Western Christmas tradition, he’ll probably be the last survivor of the great anti-Seuss purge.

This is the ultimate inversion. The leftists love Cardi B and hate Dr. Seuss. They’re cheering on a vulgar whore and trying to banish one of the greatest children’s authors of all time into the outer darkness. Our culture has degraded so far it might no longer be recoverable. Now’s the time to start to disassociate and form our own communities, rooted in conservative ideals and resistance to leftists. Otherwise, they’re keep chipping away our values and destroy every aspect of what used to be the glorious United States of America.

With that in mind, here’s one song from the colonial era you might want to listen to instead. Entitled “The World Turned Upside Down,” it seems eminently congruent with the current state of affairs. The British played it at Yorktown and we might as well play it now:

By: Gen Z Conservative

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