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Capitalism Without Activism

Introduction to Capitalism without Activism:

after reading this article you can find a few!

For those of you wanting to learn more about Dennis Peasant and Stand Athwart before reading his article on capitalism without activism, here is Stand Athwart’s mission statement:

“The mission of Stand Athwart is to push back against capitalist activism by providing a link between consumers and producers who want to do business in an environment where they know their money won’t be used for causes they don’t believe in. Capitalism without activism.

We also work to promote a deeper understanding of the fallacy of current attacks on the merits of capitalism, and spread the word about the good news of America’s unique economic systems. We encourage everyone to “stand athwart history and yell, Stop!” (William F. Buckley) to the anti-capitalism movement. We love America, and we love capitalism. That’s why we want capitalism without activism”


-Gen Z Conservative

Drive the Economy on Your Own Terms:

Capitalism in America has been the driving force for growth and prosperity since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. But things are changing. In the good ol’ days, a business owner or CEO would not dream of politically “activising” their product or company for the very rational fear that it would alienate a sizable chunk of their customer base. They held to the mantra that the customer was always first, and that meant staying politically neutral.

But now, our economy has grown and expanded to the point that the zealots can use their wealth and perceived status to foist onto us their unwelcome and undesirable views of the world, regardless of what we think and even to spite us. To many successful capitalists, the customer is no longer ‘first’. Their own political agenda is.

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For the most part, we’ve been content to ride along. Why? Because we just want our stuff. But this “Capitalist Activism” has gone too far. Corporations now fund abortions, feminism protests, environmental extremism, and every other cause on the books. You know what that means? When you buy their products, you’re supporting those same causes. 

So what can we do? How do we become more conscious consumers? How do we keep our hard-earned money away from causes we don’t believe in?

Here are a few suggestions for Creating Capitalism Without Activism:

  • Become More Aware. When a news article mentions a corporation, read it. Learn about who supports which cause. Look at the lists of companies radicals say to boycott. Notice who sponsors local events. Tuck all that information into the back of your mind to use later.
  • Be Willing to Walk Away. When you need a product, and discover that the company funds Planned Parenthood, walk away. Don’t buy it. There are always other options. If the store proudly displays flyers or logos or advertisements for causes you don’t believe in, turn and walk out. You don’t have to patronize an establishment that works against you.
  • Join the Conversation. When your neighbor talks about his new product, tell him where that company’s money goes. Tell your kids why you don’t eat at a certain restaurant anymore. When given the chance, educate others. They’ll probably be surprised at what they didn’t know.
  • Spend Your Money With Companies Who Don’t Activize: There are always options. But how do you know where they are? One place to look is at Here you’ll find categories and lists of businesses that don’t activize, plus a blog to help keep you abreast of current capitalism news. Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get a steady flow of spotlighted businesses to buy from!

Capitalism without Activism is possible, even in today’s activist-driven economic world. Make this your goal. Seek out and support businesses and their owners who are true capitalists and recognize and appreciate what it has done for them and our country. Be leery of spending your money in places that push agendas – no matter what agenda it is. And then tell your friends to do the same. 

Capitalism works. Now go and drive it on your own terms. Find ways to engage in capitalism without activism!

By: Dennis Peasant

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