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Capitalism is Better than Big Government

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My Thoughts on Why Capitalism is Better than Big Government

Socialists like AOC like to pretend that socialism is the greatest thing to ever exist. For some reason, they just can’t understand that capitalism is better than Big Government.

In my view, that’s something that should be easy to see.

For one, capitalism helps spur innovation far better than the government. Even the Space Race, perhaps the peak of Big Government solutions, has been overshadowed by the private space race.

Would you rather have a Washington bureaucrat or Elon Musk directing the building of a space capsule taking you to the moon? I would certainly prefer Musk. I have the feeling that the project might get done better, faster, and cheaper than if the government was running it. That’s because the government can’t innovate, but private industry can.

Or perhaps another example is needed. Statists think that the government can solve every solution. It can’t. It can’t even keep the roads in working order.

Capitalism, on the other hand, will provide solutions to most of the world’s problems. But, only if we let it. A laissez-faire situation is a requirement for capitalism to fix those problems. Government involvement and over-regulation only hinder it, which is why Trump’s deregulation has been so effective.

As I wrote about in my articles on the booming Trump economy and wealth inequality, private initiative, entrepreneurial spirit, and profit-seeking are the cornerstones of not only our economy but also our country.

When the socialists in the government use their regulatory power to hinder those motives and traits, we all suffer.

Capitalism provides profits for investors and innovators and is a rising tide that lifts all ships. It’s a truly beneficial arrangement for everyone involved, as described in The Wealth of Nations.

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Socialism, on the other hand, is awful for everyone but the ruling elite. The average person suffers and starves while the ruling bureaucrats live lavishly.

So, that’s why capitalism is better than Big Government. Unless you’re a member of the Big Government elite, capitalism will provide you with a far better life than socialism. It’s what makes America prosperous.

By: Gen Z Conservative.